West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive: PART 3

Can you believe that we need another Christmas Lights drive post for Salt Lake City? There are so many great houses to see! This is PART 3 of our West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drives. If you missed PART 1 or PART 2, head over to these posts:

This post will be about the homes in the South Jordan area (there is one in West Jordan). We try to create a drive that is an easy loop or line, so you don’t backtrack while driving. This drive was a little trickier, but we think we’ve got it worked out so you can have a super fun night. This light drive will probably take at least 2 hours. If you’d like to break it up, you can. Decide what works for you. Here is our West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights: South Jordan area drive.

Stop 1: Lights on Soliai

The first stop on our drive is actually in West Jordan, but it’s only 10 minutes from the next stop, so we put it here. We like to drive to the furthest stop and then work our way back toward our home. This house could probably be a stop all on its one. It has an awesome light show. The home sits on the corner and there are lights all around the front and down the side, so you can watch from lots of different angles. The lights are timed to music and there were a lot of fun songs. This is a great show and a don’t-miss stop! Tune to 99.9 FM for the music.

Address: 8967 Soliai Circle, West Jordan

There are so many lights at Lights on Soliai.

Stop 2: 4064 W 9470 S, South Jordan

This home is covered in decorations. There are even a bunch on the roof. We hopped out of the car and walked for a closer look.

Stop 3: 3858 W Leicester Bay, South Jordan

Our kids said this was their favorite house from the drive that had music lights. This home has a fun screen showing videos that match the music, as well as a tree doing different designs and patterns. The lights are timed super well to the music! The display is on the corner and there is a lot of parking across the street, which was nice. Tune to 89.9 FM.

We loved watching the screen in the front yard.

Stop 4: 3825 W Alstead Cove, South Jordan.

This neighborhood is super lucky with two music light shows. This house is just a few minutes drive from the Stop #3. The lights here are very well timed to the music, and they have some fun songs. Tune to 87.9 FM.

Stop 5: 2665 W Alice Dr, West Jordan

The drive sneaks over into West Jordan for this next stop. This house is covered in lights. There are a lot of fun things to see in this display. We loved the lights all over and the fun blow ups.

Stop 6: 2360 Bridle Oak Drive, South Jordan

This display is actually put up by our nephew each year. He is autistic and now a grown-up, but he loves to decorate. There are lights and blow ups. It is a quick stop, but still fun since it is so close to the next stop, so we added it to our West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive.

Stop 7: 2700 W 10000 S, South Jordan

We love this stop. It is right along the main road, and it is a Nativity with the live animals from their farm. If you tune to the radio, it shares the Nativity story from the Bible. There are wise men in the distance behind this scene, too. It was so unique and special.

Stop 8: 3228 W 10755 S, South Jordan

When we pulled up to this display, our boys said, “Do they have any grass?” We could not believe the amount of blow ups in this yard. Definitely park your car and get out to look, so you can see all of them. There are Star Wars characters, baby shark, and much more. This was such a fun stop.

Hop out of the car to look closer at all of the blow ups!

Stop 9: 9928 Treasure Circle, South Jordan

Wow! This stop was so bright with the huge blue tree. There are quite a few lights all over this house. If you roll the windows down, or get out to walk by the display, you will hear music playing from the yard, but it is not on the radio. They also have a Santa mailbox where you can mail your letters to Santa. The neighbors had a nice Nativity display, too.

This is the neighbor’s house.

Stop 10: Art’s Holiday Lights

Art’s Holiday Lights has a fun music show. These lights are timed to the music and the singing light bulbs are a lot of fun. We appreciated the screen that shows what song is playing. We watched for quite awhile and heard lots of great songs, some upbeat and some slower. I really liked the strip of lights along the sidewalk. It made the show look extra cool. Tune to 94.5 FM.

Address: 11288 S Janalynn Dr., South Jordan


We created this map to help you see where the lights are for this drive. Let us know if we missed a great home that we need to add to this area of the Salt Lake Valley. We were very impressed with the West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights. And if you missed PART 1 (Magna & West Valley) or PART 2 (Taylorsville & West Jordan), click on the links to see those lists.

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