West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive: PART 2

Since there are so many awesome homes in Salt Lake Valley with Christmas lights, we have divided our Christmas Lights drives into smaller parts. This is PART 2 of our West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive. If you missed PART 1, head over to this post: Magna & West Valley Christmas Lights.

This post will be about the homes in the Taylorsville and West Jordan area. We are so grateful to all of the home owners who put up these amazing displays for us to enjoy. The drive is put into a sort of loop so that you don’t double back on yourself while you drive. This light drive will probably take at least 2 hours, so you can visit all of the homes, half the homes, or just one. Decide what works for you. Here is our West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights: Taylorsville and West Jordan area drive.

Stop 1: Christmas Street in Taylorsville

The first stop is one of the three Christmas Streets in Salt Lake. This street in Taylorsville is focused on the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. Each house shows a part of the poem in front of their house, as well as tons of bright Christmas lights. We love to walk this one if the weather is nice.

Address: Approximately 3300 Royalwood, Taylorsville

Stop 2: 3476 Crown St.

This home has a little smaller display, but it is a nice stop along the route. The lights dance to music and they have some fun songs. We like the arches that they added this year. Tune to 90.7 FM.

Stop 3: 2075 Cedar Breaks Dr

This home has a fun screen and a cool Christmas tree as part of their display. Everything is covered in lights, including the bushes in the front. We enjoyed the light tunnel, and the songs. Make sure to check out the brightly decorated house next door, too. Tune to 88.1 FM for the show.

Stop 4: Larson Family Lights

This is a new show added to our list this year. The Larson Family Lights are amazing! The whole show works together and is super well-timed. There are lots of great songs and tons of colors. Don’t skip this one! The show runs from 5-10 pm and you can scan a QR code to see the list of songs and vote for the next song. Tune to 87.9 FM.

Address: 2305 7095 S, West Jordan.

Stop 5: Lights on Arthur

The Lights on Arthur have been recommended to us many times and they definitely have a great show. The lights are timed to music and we really liked the lights on the roof and in the trees. We don’t see those type of lights very often. This is one you don’t want to skip. 87.9 FM is the radio station at this home. Visit their Facebook page for current dates and show times.

Address: 2004 Arthur Dr., West Jordan

There is another very small show around the corner at 2094 Friar Way if you want to add another quick stop in this neighborhood. It’s not quite big enough for its own spot on the list.

Stop 6: 2488 Harvest Lane

We happened to see this light show as we were driving between stops. It is a small display, but it is timed to music. We stopped to watch for a few minutes because we always appreciate homes that take the time to do these types of shows. Tune to 91.5 FM and enjoy. When we visited in 2023, the music wasn’t working for us. Hopefully it will be working when you drive by.

Stop 7: Phillips Family Lights

This is another new show we are adding this year. The Phillips Family Lights has a great show with great music and fun lights. The whole house is lit up and there are two cute candy canes in the yard. They also have a QR code where you can vote for the next song, so make sure to use it. Tune to 87.9 FM.

Address: 2508 W 7420 S, West Jordan


We created this map to help you see where the lights are for this drive. Let us know if we missed a great home that we need to add to this area of the Salt Lake Valley. We were very impressed with the West Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights. And if you missed PART 1 (Magna & West Valley), click here.

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