Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas Lights

Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas Lights

The Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas lights have been around for many years, and we finally decided to brave the crowds and head up to see them. These lights are sometimes called The Light Houses. We were very impressed with how bright the lights were, and there were so many!

This is only half the lights!

The lights span two yards so there is plenty to see. There are huge trees draped with lights as well as poles, and other smaller light decorations. When we first arrived, half the lights weren’t working, but we didn’t know that. When the full display of lights kicked on, wow! We were amazed at how bright and beautiful this display was.

We loved all the colors in this display!
Tune to 99.7 FM to enjoy the music.

The Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas Light Display is also set to music. Tune your radio to 99.7 FM when you arrive and enjoy the fun holiday music as you watch the lights dance. It wasn’t timed as tightly as some of the other displays we have seen, but the sheer volume of lights makes up for that.

Hidden Valley Club Drive is impressive at Christmas time.

The only downside to the Hidden Valley Club Drive is the location. The road is a dead end road where some people park, but there is usually a line to get down the street. We waited for about 20 minutes to get up close to the lights. You can see parts of the display as you wait in line, but you need to see it from the front to really appreciate it. So bring your patience, and a few snacks, and everything will be okay.

We really enjoyed the Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas Lights, but we also recommend going early in the season, early in the evening, and on a weekday to avoid the most crowds. If you visit these lights, you can also check out the Draper Tree of Life, it is just a few minutes away from these lights.


This light display is located at 1731 E. Hidden Valley Club Drive in Sandy. Please be considerate of others waiting to see the light display.

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