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The Tree of Light (Life) in Draper City is truly amazing! There are over 1,000 strands of lights on this tree. Not 1,000 lights, but 1,000 strands of lights on the tree. Naturally, we filled our cooler with boiling water, packed up some hot chocolate and cookies, and hopped in the van to visit the first year this tree was lit up.

The Tree of Life is beautifully lit.

The Tree of Life is located in Draper City Park, and it is inspired by a scene from the Book of Mormon. In this scene, Lehi has a dream of a tree that is called the tree of life. In Mormon art, the tree is seen as glowing brightly, with pure white fruit, which is represented by flashing lights on the tree in Draper Park. The city is now referring to the tree as the Tree of Light. Both names are applicable.

You can walk right up underneath the tree.

The image really is very spectacular (especially with hot chocolate and cookies). You can also see the Draper Temple in the background. The park also has other lights throughout the park including a cute little bridge to walk across. Our boys enjoyed wandering through the park and looking at the lights, but mostly loved the large Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is pretty impressive.
The Tree of Life is pretty impressive.
We enjoyed crossing this bridge….a lot of times!
The whole park is covered in lights.

Check out the Tree of Life (Light) this Christmas season. The tree lighting is usually on the Monday after Thanksgiving, but visit the Draper City website to check dates. It is worth the trip to Draper. We liked to pair this with the Hidden Valley Club Drive Lights. They are just a few minutes away.


To get to Draper City Park, take 12300 South (which turns into 12500 South) and head east to 1300 East. Turn south (right). You can’t miss it– just look for the huge glowing tree!

The huge glowing tree!
The huge glowing tree!

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  1. Valerie Holman

    do you know how early they set the tree up? I’m planning a youth activitiy and wondered when the tree of life would be ready for 2016

    1. Natalie

      Last year (2015) was Monday, November 30th. I would think it would be similar to then, but no announcement has been made yet.


  2. Amber

    Do u know how long the tree will b lit up for?

    1. Natalie

      Each year it is lit until December 31.


  3. Alma

    This indeed was a pretty great display. It cost over $40,000 from what I understand for the sponsors. For more family activities check out