World of Illumination

World of Illumination is a new light show in the Salt Lake Valley. This Arctic Adventure event is held at the Utah State Fairpark and runs throughout December. The cost to drive through the light show is a little higher than some of the other popular light drives, but we found the cost to be worth it (and see below for a discount code).

World of Adventure is full of lights!

World of Illumination puts on Christmas light shows throughout the United States. But this is the first year they have come to Utah. Each show is based on a different theme. Salt Lake City’s theme is Arctic Adventure, so all of the lights are based on the arctic theme. There are arctic animals like polar bears, penguins, seals, and more.

Arctic Adventure is a great theme for this winter drive through show.
These lights move and dance to the music.
We loved all of the different animal lights right next to our car.

There were several things that we liked about World of Illumination. First, the lights were thick, and the bulbs were big. This really makes the lights pop. As you drive back and forth, the lanes are narrow so you really get the feeling that you are right in the show. Finally, the lights are higher up. There are multiple tunnels and displays that cross the road, so you feel surrounded by lights throughout the entire drive. We’ve never really seen a show that makes you feel that you are right in the lights like World of Illumination does.

There are a bunch of tunnels.
This tunnel was extra fun since it looked like waves.
There were a lot of lights that were super tall.
Some tunnels were very long, and were fun with the music.

Another thing we like about this drive-thru is that the lights are set on a dark backdrop. We felt that this made the lights extra bright and fun. Usually lights are standing alone, but on the dark background, the lights standout no matter the weather and time of day.

The dark backdrops makes the lights stand out!
Arctic Adventure has so much to see.

The drive through World of Illumination is quite long, and the music is very well timed to the dancing lights. We also liked the uniqueness of the displays. Spinning snowman, dancing candy canes, and many other fun displays make Arctic Adventure a fun drive-through light show. We hope this becomes an annual Christmas light show here in Utah.

World of Illumination is worth the drive.

It is cheaper to visit on weekdays, and if you use the code KIDSUT22 you can save an extra 10% off tickets Mon-Thurs. Check out their website for current times and prices. And use our post about Christmas Activities in Utah to find all of the fun adventures in Utah during the holidays.

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