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We are always on the hunt for fun playgrounds for our boys, and Arches Park in Herriman was definitely a fun stop. This park is a little smaller, but we loved the unique animals and all of the climbing activities. There is also a unique hammock area, which we had never seen before.

There are so many places to climb at this playground.

Arches Park is located in a little neighborhood with street names after arches in Arches National Park. We loved seeing our favorite arches have streets named after them. There is a small parking area on site, as well as restrooms.

The playground area has a lot of large animals for kids to sit and climb on. There is a fox, snake, bunny, beaver, and more. I think young kids will love playing around these animals. Arches Park also has a playground like the one across the county at Union Park in Midvale. This offers a lot of places to climb, which was great for my older boys. There were plenty of slides and swings, too.

We liked the animals at this park.
There were quite a few slides and lots of places to climb and explore.
This park also had some slack lining sections for beginners to try out.

This playground also has our favorite little nature scavenger hunts. Try to find all of the little animals that are on the nature hunt sign. Each of the animals or objects is on a pole somewhere in the playground. They are little plastic pieces placed around the park. We always have fun as a family looking for them.

We love parks that have these little scavenger hunts.
This is what the scavenger hunt objects look like.

A short walk from the playground area you will see large poles with carvings at the top. They looked like totem poles from a distance, but when we got closer we could tell they weren’t totem poles in the traditional sense. We wandered around admiring the carvings. There are a bunch of different animals, and each pole was unique. I looked up what this area was for and found out it was for hammocks or slack lines. We have never seen a park have an area designated for this type of activity, so if this is your thing, you may like this park. Even if it isn’t, it’s a fun walk through the carvings.

The hammock area is a short walk from the playground.
There are little paths through the poles.
We enjoyed looking at all of the carvings even without a hammock.

There is a small grassy area, and there were soccer goals when we visited, so bring a soccer ball. Arches Park also had a small pavilion with a few picnic tables. The one downside to this park is there is no shade other than the pavilion. So bring your own, or definitely wear sunscreen, hats, and water.

Add Arches Park in Herriman to your list for a visit.

We paired Arches Park with a visit to the Up House, J Lynn Crane Park and Splash Pad, and the Kennecott Copper Mine. You can easily spend a day exploring around this area in Herriman. If you are looking for other amazing playgrounds, check our list of Best Parks in Salt Lake County.

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