Holladay City Park

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There are so many wonderful parks in Utah! We found another great park when we stopped by Holladay City Park. This park has a lot to do for kids of all ages, and it has the cutest mural painted along the wall. We will be adding this park to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County post.

I loved the view of the mountains at this park.

The Holladay City Park is set back from the main road, so you don’t notice it as you are driving up. There is a large grassy area, walking path, and a skate park in this area as well. But we came to check out the playground.

The playground has two ziplines, a large climbing structure, a huge playground with lots of slides, and other climbing toys around the park. My boys headed straight for the ziplines, and then to the climbing areas. They love climbing as high as they can. There are also some smaller climbing ropes for younger kids who don’t want to try the pyramid.

The ziplines are always popular.
The climbing pyramid isn’t too tall!
There are some other climbing toys around the playground.

The playground has some fun bridges to walk along, and a lot of slides. We made sure to try them all out. The playground also has a few levels, and some small rock climbing walls. The flooring underneath is nice and smooth, so all ages can walk around easily. There are even shade sails over the main playground area to offer some cover from the sun.

The playground has a lot to do.
There were so many slides.
Holladay City Park has a few levels on the playground.
We had a lot of fun playing here.

I loved the mural that has been painted along the far wall of Holladay City Park. It has bright colors and adorable images that are kid appropriate. We had fun looking at the different things included in the mural.

The mural is so cute!

With everything there is to do at Holladay City Park, we give this park two thumbs up and will definitely come back to play. Holladay City Park is located at 4580 S. 2300 E. in Holladay, UT.

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