Kennecott Copper Mine

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**The visitor’s center is currently closed.***

On Memorial Day we decided to have a new family adventure. We headed to Kennecott Copper Mine. None of us had ever been there before. I was surprised that Dad has lived in Utah his whole life and never visited the mine. Unfortunately when we arrived, they were blasting and had evacuated everyone. So we had to wait about 45 minutes until they would let us through the gates. We went for a bird drive and explored the nearby roads. We wish we had known about Copperton Park.

We headed back at the appointed time and drove up to the Visitor’s Center. It’s $5/car to enter, but we had a coupon from their website that let us in free (it’s good until the 31st–sorry that is only a few days from now). Once you reach the top, you can look down into the mine. Here is where the action is. You can see how deep it is, and of course be amazed at the large construction vehicles that are driving around. That is what my boys wanted to see. Unfortunately, it was windy and a little chilly, so they didn’t want to watch as much as I think they would have had they been wearing jackets. I’m not sure if it is always like that or if it was just that day. So maybe throw a jacket in the car just in case.

Do you see that white pickup following that dump truck? That is how big the trucks are!
A tire from one of the construction vehicles. The boys thought it was amazing.
Standing in front of the mine.

So we went into the Visitor’s Center and walked around. Surprisingly, we were all interested in the exhibits and had fun inside. We checked out the gift shop and then headed home. It wasn’t a long trip, but enjoyable. For only $5/family–it’s a great deal for those boys who love trucks. It’s probably not something we’ll do quite often, but I think it’s worth the trip if you’ve never been. There were quite a few tour busses and many other visitors.

I would recommend calling before heading just to make sure they aren’t blasting anything so you don’t have our same waiting experience, but they also have a lot of information on their website.

Bonus Adventure: You can stop by the Up! house on the way to the copper mine and snap a quick photo.

Kennecott Copper Mine

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