Day Ranch Park in Bluffdale

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Bluffdale continues to grow fast, and with that growth, a new park has cropped up. The Day Ranch Park is just down the road from Hidden Valley Middle School and Mountain Point Elementary School. This park has a massive grassy area where youth sports are played, some nice all-abilities play equipment, and a rather large shaded pavilion.

Day Ranch Park Bluffdale
This park has a super fun playground.


When we arrived at the park, we noticed how large the play area was right away. There is an area with a few ziplines and swings. There is also a much larger area with slides and a massive climbing structure. Our boys really enjoyed this structure as it is unique. There are certain tunnels for little people, and a toddler-friendly staircase that leads to the top. There were also some tunnels connecting different points on the climbing toy.

This playground has slides of all sizes.
There are plenty of places to climb.
Our boys loved all of the tunnels and levels at the play area.
There are some spinning toys around the edge of the park, too.

Toddlers can also enjoy finding painted insects hidden throughout the toddler area of the park. The theme seems to be insects. There is a bit of information about honey bees and other creepy-crawlies. We also found the butterfly picture to be quite beautiful, and a great place to take photos.

We always love little scavenger hunts.
The whole park has a bug theme.
Don’t miss your chance to take a photo here.

Our boys enjoyed a little music at Day Ranch Park. There were multiple places to play chimes with a small mallet. They even harmonized a bit together on two adjacent sets of chimes.

Day Ranch park was designed to be an all-abilities park. There are ramps to access toys built for wheelchairs, as well as smooth flooring for everyone to easily walk or roll on. This flooring was quite bouncy, too, which helps protect kids when they fall. One of the ziplines also has a seat for those who need it, too.

Day Ranch Park is built for all-abilities.

Other Amenities

There is a fun new bike park attached to Day Ranch Park. There are places for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. We didn’t have our bikes when we visited, but it looked like a ton of fun. The bike park also has some mountain bike skills courses.

There is also a skate park at this park, and plenty of pickle ball courts and a tennis court. This park definitely has something for everyone.

The shaded pavilion at this park was huge. When we were there, the park was hosting a birthday party, but we were surprised at how big the shaded area was, despite the fact that there aren’t any trees yet in this new park. There are also nice restrooms and plenty of parking. We are adding Day Ranch park to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County post.

The pavilion was nice and shady.


Our maps app led us to the wrong place at first, so make sure to use this address: 15345 Puma Mountain Way in Bluffdale, UT. Or go to the intersection of 1170 W and Harmon Day Way. You can also use the Mountain Point Elementary address in your maps app. The park is directly behind this school.

Check out Day Ranch Park in Bluffdale.

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