Union Park in Midvale

We love finding a new park to play at as a family. Union Park in Midvale got a new playground, and we were excited to check it out. We had a lot of fun climbing and exploring on this adventurous park.

The playground has a lot of fun things. There are vertical and horizontal climbing nets, big slides, swings, spinning toys, and more. Our kids loved the hexagonal climbing structure. They climbed inside and outside of this cool feature over and over again. Even Mom had to climb inside to check it out.

This climbing structure is a blast!
There are so many unique places to climb at Union Park.
We had fun exploring at this playground.

This playground is geared for older kids. My 9 and 12 year old boys were in heaven here. My 6 year old loved it, too, but I worried that a 3 year old might not be able to climb on some of the play equipment. There was a small playground spot for toddlers, but it wasn’t very big. If you bring younger children, please watch and make sure they are confident in their climbing skills before you let them run loose.

Our kids loved this park. They are ages 6-12.
This is the smaller area for toddlers.

Our boys had fun trying to make it from one side of the park to the other without touching the ground, and they were able to do it. They also liked this park for playing lava monster where one person was on the ground and everyone else has to stay on the play equipment. The person on the ground tries to tag the others, and if those being chased touch the ground, they are stuck in the lava.

He is staying off the lava ground!
These two big slides were also popular.

We had such a great afternoon playing at Union Park. There are large shade trees all around the park, so parents can sit and watch in the shade. The ground surface is soft turf, so no bark or sand to pick out of shoes later on.

Union Park is fun! And those big shade trees will be great in summer.

Union Park also has a few baseball fields, picnic tables, and a large pavilion. There are bathrooms, but they are only open seasonally. Union Park is located at 7360 South 700 East in Midvale, Utah.

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