20 of the Best Parks in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County is full of fun places to play. We have visited a lot of fun parks over the years, and there are still so many more that we want to try. Here’s our list of the best parks in Salt Lake County. Please note that we are discussing playground parks in this post, not wilderness parks, hiking parks, or sports parks. If we missed your favorite park in Salt Lake County, please send us an email: info@utahsadventurefamily.com so we can check it out.

Wardle Fields Regional Park

Not only does this park have a lot of fun playground equipment including a zipline, it also has a really fun splash pad. We had a blast playing at this park, and it is fun for all ages. Located in Bluffdale.

Wheadon Farm Park

This park is a great playground for smaller children. My bigger boys have fun, but they wear out a lot quicker. The playground is built in the shape of a barn, but the most popular item is the real tractor on display. This park is located in Drapr, and is perfect for the younger kids.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is a fun park because it has so much to offer. There are two different playgrounds (they are getting an upgrade soon, too), a duck pond, a splash pad, carnival rides, and you can even visit Tracy Aviary. There are huge shade trees that have been around for a hundred years, and we love to spend a good half day playing and exploring at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.

Union Park

We like the unique play area at Union Park in Midvale. There are so many places to climb on this playground that my older boys loved the park more than the younger kids. This park is a great spot for kids who love to explore and climb.

Brookside Park

Brookside Park Daybreak

Daybreak’s Brookeside Park is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. There are ton of climbing pyramids and huge slides, as well as a fun splash area. The water feature is actually a small creek that flows through the park, and it’s great to wade in. Perfect for all ages.

Lodestone Park

This park is amazing. Lodestone Park is located in Kearns. There is so much to do, that all kids will be entertained. There is a climbing structure, zipline, slides, sand and water area, and much more. We love visiting this park.

Sierra Newbold Playground

Sierra Newbold Playground is located at Ron Wood Park in West Jordan. This park is a blast. There are tons of playground features and lots of places to climb. There is also a splash pad with tons of water for summertime.

Copperton Park

This park was got a whole new playground last summer, but they still kept the large tires to climb, which made my boys so happy. We love that the park is based around the Kennecott Copper mine that it is located near by in Copperton. This is off the beaten path for sure, but if you head way out west and take a tour of the mine, you can enjoy lunch and playtime at the park.

Wheeler Farm

This is the one park that we are including that has a little bit more than just a fun playground. Wheeler Farm is a working farm in Murray. You can walk around the farm for free and enjoy visiting the animals. For a few dollars you can take a wagon ride pulled by a tractor. But right next to the farm is a really fun playground. Our boys love playing after we wander through the farm.

Big Bear Park

Big Bear Park is located in Sandy and has a bunch of fun playground equipment including a zipline. Our boys climbed for quite awhile, and they loved the fun swings. The large bears make this park unique and we love the shade at this park, too. This park is a little smaller, but also less busy.

Wild West Park

Wild West Park has a brand new playground. They have also changed it so it’s easier to see children, and we love that it has ties to Utah history. There are other playgrounds in this same area, so you can play at multiple parks in one trip.

Sugarhouse Park

Sugarhouse Park has a new playground which is a ton of fun. There are a ton of climbing structures. We also love Sugarhouse park because it has a big pond where you can feed the ducks and geese, as well as a little stream to walk along. It is a beautiful shady park for a picnic.

Crane Park

crane park playground

Crane Park in Herriman has a lot to offer, especially for older kids. There are tons of climbing structures, and a zipline. My boys loved trying to get from one side to the other without touching the ground. There is also a splash pad at this park, too. Make sure to swing by the Up house when you are in the neighborhood.

Magna Regional Park

This is a new park, and there is a lot of space. We were very impressed with the size of the toddler play area. There was a lot more than just a smaller playground. There were some unique climbing areas in the big kid area. This park also has a huge splash pad area that we will have to go check out this summer. So much to do at Magna Regional Park.

Oquirrh Park

Behind the Kearns Fitness Center, you will find Oquirrh Park. This park also had a super fun toddler play area that looks like a little neighborhood with a fire station and grocery store. Even our big kids liked playing in the small area. The older kid area has a huge climbing structure with a lot of slides, plus a zipline. This is a new favorite park.

East River Front Park

This is a great little park in South Jordan that we are adding to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County list. We love that the theme of the park is the wetlands so there are toys that look like birds, frogs, cattails, and more. This park is right along the Jordan River Parkway, and has some fun musical instruments. This is an all-abilities park, too.

Independence Park

Independence park has a unique playground with a huge slide. One of the best parts of this park is there are three different playgrounds. This large one, a medium one, and a toddler sized one. There really is something for everyone at this park. And there is a splash pad, too! Located in Bluffdale.

Draper City Park

The new playground Draper City Park is awesome. There are a ton of places to climb and slide. Our boys loved playing here. And we love the shade at this park, and the electronic game. This is a fun spot.

Vista Park

This park has a ton of baseball fields, so we end up playing here a few times a year. But the playground area is fun. There are ziplines, a climbing structure, and a few playgrounds. Located in Taylorsville.

Day Ranch Park

This park is an all abilities playground and has a fun bug theme. There are lots of places to climb, ziplines, swings, and a fun playground. And we appreciate the shade sails! Located in Bluffdale.

Holladay City Park

We had a blast at the Holladay City Park. There are a lot of things to do here: ziplines, spinning toys, climbing toys, lots of slides, and a darling mural. It is also right next to the skate park and has a big grassy area, too!

Mountview Park

This park is located in Cottonwood Heights and has a big playground as well as a toddler playground. The toddler playground has a cute little bulldozer play area. The large playground has good climbing items, and a fun playground with lots of slides. There is also a splash pad at this park.

Other Parks

Here are some other parks that we want to visit. They might be worth trying if they are near you. And maybe we will add them later to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County post!

  • Knudsen Park: Holladay
  • Murray City Park
  • Big Cottonwood Regional Park

Also, if you are looking for other fun parks. Check out these lists for Utah County, Davis County, and St. George area.

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