Mountview Park & Splash Pad

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We have visited a lot of playgrounds over the years here at Utah’s Adventure Family because one of our favorite things to do is check out all of the parks in Utah. Mountview Park is located in Cottonwood Heights and has a lot to do, so we will be adding it to our best parks in Salt Lake County post. This park also has a splash pad, so it is a great spot to visit in the summer.

There are lots of climbing spots at Mountview Park.


Mountview Park has two different play areas. The first is a large playground with lots of climbing areas. There are slides, a bridge, and a large climbing decagon (I am guessing on the number of sides). Our boys enjoyed the different places to climb all around the playground. There are also a few spinning toys. Mountview Park also has one of those electronic games.

The playground is fun at Mountview Park.
Our boys liked this slack bridge.
The climbing structure is always a hit.
The tunnels under the playground are fun.
There is plenty to do at Mountview Park.

The second play area is designed for young children. There is a small playground similar to the one in the first area, but on a much smaller scale. It also has a bulldozer toy. This toy is in the shape of a bulldozer, but it has a bench inside, a few small climbing spots, and a mini slide. It was adorable. If you have a toddler that loves construction vehicles, this would be a fun place to play.

The toddler play area has some equipment.
The bulldozer would be so fun for someone who loves construction vehicles.

Splash Pad

There is a small playground at Mountview Park. It has a few different sprayers, one spot with two dumping cups, and a cute frog to walk through and get wet. The sprayers alternate when they are on or off, so it is a nice, small splash area for kids who might not want to get sprayed with a ton of water. Splash pads in Utah run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

It’s a small splash pad, but still a great place to cool off in summer.

Other Amenities

Mountview Park had a lot of nice amenities. There were two large pavilions with lots of picnic tables. The restrooms were nice, and there is a large grassy area. Our boys were also excited about the basketball court at this park. There were regular height hoops, and shorter hoops for younger kids. This play area uses bark as the surface underneath the playground.

There are two pavilions and restrooms.
The basketball court was in great condition.

There were just a few families at this park on a Saturday, so I don’t think it gets very busy. We found Mountview Park to be a nice playground and splash pad. This park is located at 1651 E Fort Union Blvd in Cottonwood Heights.

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