Things to do on the Mirror Lake Highway

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Ruth Lake

One of our favorite places in Utah is the Mirror Lake Highway. When the temperatures hit the triple digits in late June and early July, we head straight up into the Uintahs where it’s generally 15-20 degrees cooler than down in the valleys.  Camping, hiking, fishing, and animal viewing are all with in an hours drive of Utah and Salt Lake valleys. Click on any of the links to check out our reviews and find directions and pictures of things to do on the Mirror Lake Highway:

Fairy Forest:

Imagine walking through the forest and stumbling upon a small community of fairy dwellings. There are painted rocks, fairy rings, and thousands of miniature displays created by fairy lovers and brought for you to enjoy. This place is truly magical.

This shows how the trail is marked out by rocks and weaves around the forest.
Fairy Forest

Ruth Lake:

Located 10,000 feet up in the high Uintahs, this beautiful alpine lake is great for hikers and fishermen. It is a 2 mile round trip hike through meadows of wildflowers to a glassy lake that our boys loved.

Ruth Lake
Ruth Lake

Fehr Lake:

This lake is just .5 miles each way (1 mile RT) and there are animals and critters to see along the way. One of the 600 lakes in the Uintahs is found at the end of the trail, and you can hike all the way around it.

Fehr Lake

Provo River Falls:

There is a pullout along the Mirror Lake Highway that overlooks the Provo River Falls. This waterfall is pretty spectacular and easily accessible to everyone. If you drive the Mirror Lake Highway, this is a must-see.

Provo River Falls | Mirror Lake Highway
Provo River Falls | Mirror Lake Highway

Mirror Lake Hike:

The Grand Central Station of the Mirror Lake Highway is obviously Mirror Lake. A trail leads all the way around the lake. It is too rocky for a stroller, but just right for a stroll.

One end of Mirror Lake...see the rocky trail.
Mirror Lake

Teapot Lake:

Teapot Lake is located right on the Highway, and a 1 mile long path leads all the way around it. This beautiful lake is often surrounded by fishermen. The path is well marked and easy to follow, and this makes a great hike for little ones.

Teapot Lake

Wall Lake:

Wall Lake is a 2.0 mile round trip hike on a flat, easy trail to a gorgeous lake. This trail is perfect for most anyone.

Wall Lake 10

Bourbon Lake:

This one is a little more adventurous as it is very steep, and a little long. There wasn’t a soul on the trail or at the lake on a weekday, so you might find a little solitude along the trail.

Bourbon Lake

Lily Lake:

There are two Lily Lake’s on the Mirror Lake Highway. This lake is found far along the highway, so it is less traveled. The hike is 3.0 miles roundtrip and a moderate climb.

Lofty Lake Loop:

The Lofty Lake Loop has lots of lakes along the trail. The trail is a steep climb, and it’s also located above 10,000 feet elevation, so it’s probably not for young families. The high mountain lakes are gorgeous and worth the hike.

Bonnie Lake

If you camp at or visit Mirror Lake, you should definitely visit Bonnie Lake. The hike from the campground is 2.0 miles and the lake is beautiful and peaceful.

Hi-Mountain Drug:

There is a secret restaurant located in Kamas called Hi-Mountain Drug. They serve awesome hamburgers, hand-cut fries, and old-fashioned milkshakes. It is definitely worth a stop.

Hi Mountain Drug

Soapstone Campground:

There are many campgrounds along the Mirror Lake Highway, but we keep returning to Soapstone. There is tons of shade, big tent sites, and the grounds are always clean and well taken care of. Heads up: there are only pit toilets in this campground.

We love the Soapstone Campground. The campsites are in those trees and you can find trails over to the river for some good rock throwing all over the campground.
We love the Soapstone Campground. The campsites are in those trees and you can find trails over to the river for some good rock throwing all over the campground.

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  1. Carl Gundestrup

    Just got a motorhome and looking for short weekend getaways. I did a commercial at teapot over 30 years ago. Film business. I have hiked and taken scouts up there. Your blog was a great reminder of the easy hikes and fun places I have never been to. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for your kind comment. We love the Mirror Lake Highway and we are so glad that you enjoy it, too!

  2. Sarah Chamberlain

    I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to stumble upon your blog & read your write up and then decide to take a last minute family vacation to Mirror Lake (we are from Illinois and never heard of this place before!). Our 5 kids (15,13,11,9 &9) had a unforgettable experience camping at Soapstone and kayaking on Teapot Lake. We loved staying here and exploring thanks to your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and tips! Super helpful!!!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time on the Mirror Lake Highway.

  3. Angee

    I’ve wondered about soapstone for camping. We usually head up to butterfly but it can get busy up there. Thanks for the info.

  4. Steph

    Can I just say thank you for your great blog? I was looking for ideas for a short road trip (southern Utah was out due to thunderstorms) and this post on the Unitas was perfect! I did Ruth and Fehr Lakes as well as the Provo River Falls. I also stopped in Kamas for donuts at the Chevron and lunch at Hi Mtn Drug (fresh lime squeeze was way yummy). After the Unintas I headed to Vernal for some Dinosaur adventures. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. Natalie

      So glad we could help!

  5. Natalie Nordlund

    Ok so I was looking up the manilla creek park and came across your AMAZING blog and then recognized your name! How fun! Your family is darling and you are awesome to take all the little ones exploring. This is a new goal of mine as my last baby gets older and I am super happy about all your tips! Thanks!