Mirror Lake Hike

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Mirror Lake is obviously located on the Mirror Lake Highway. It’s quite a ways up into the Uinta Mountains, 31.2 miles to the turn off, but the lake and hike are beautiful. In fact, the Mirror Lake hike is one of the flattest and easiest trails in this area.

Hike Info:

  • Distance: 1.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: none
  • Rating: Easy
  • Dog-friendly: Yes, on leash.
Getting ready to start the Mirror Lake hike
Getting ready to start the Mirror Lake hike, but we don’t recommend a stroller.

The hike is a 1.5 mile loop around the lake. It follows the shoreline, so it is definitely easy. Flat and simple—there are even boardwalks over the marshy stuff. The hike was not stroller friendly, though it was flat. It’s just too rocky. You’ll notice our stroller in the pictures, but Dad ended up carrying it over some stretches, and the baby was white-knuckling it for much of the way. Definitely go with the baby backpack here.

There are boardwalks in some sections.
There are boardwalks in some sections.
The rest of the trail is pretty rocky, but flat.
The side near the campground has some interpretive signs and this log.
The side near the campground has some interpretive signs and this log.
A sign about the animals you can see at Mirror Lake.
A sign about the animals you can see at Mirror Lake.
One end of Mirror Lake...see the rocky trail.
The trail stays right next to the lake the entire way.

There is a campground at Mirror Lake if you like camping, and there were people fishing, hiking, camping, and boating on Mirror Lake (motorless boats only). In fact, it was Grand Central Station of the Uintas even on a weekday. We like to take our kayaks and paddle around on this lake. The water is freezing, but sometimes we get in to cool off, too.

We love bringing our kayaks to Mirror Lake.
The water was so cold, but we saw lots of fish swimming around us.

There are a few interpretive signs on this hike that talk about the different animals you might see. There are also plenty of picturesque places along this hike because it is situated in the high alpine mountains, so don’t forget your camera. If you go in the morning or evening, you might need a jacket even in July. This hike is around 10,000 feet.

It's beautiful here. You can also see a small boat heading out into the lake.
It’s beautiful here.
The other end of Mirror Lake...on the boardwalk.
You really can hike this trail either way, but we went counterclockwise.
We love the beautiful lakes on the Mirror Lake Highway.

When you turn into the Mirror Lake area from the highway, head toward the campground. Turn left just before the campground and park at the boat launch. You will see some bathrooms and the hike starts right past them with a large sign. Don’t follow the road signs that says trailhead. That is for other hikes. You can try Bonnie Lake from the trailhead or campground if you want a little longer trail.

This is where you want to park to begin the trail.

If you drive all the way up the Mirror Lake, check out other fun things to do along the Mirror Lake Highway.

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