Hermit’s Cabin | Marjum Pass near Delta

Hermit’s Cabin is a very unique feature west of Delta, Utah. It is far off the beaten path, so it’s not really worth a visit without some other adventures in the area. We paired this adventure with U-Dig Fossils, plus some other fun activities near Delta, and thought it was definitely worth the stop.

Hermit's Cave
The Hermit built his home right up against the mountainside.


Hermit’s cabin, sometimes referred to as Hermit’s Cave, was built by Bob Stinson in 1929. Mr. Stinson had served his country in World War I, but when he returned home, he found his girlfriend had married another man. Bob went to visit his brother in Delta, but his “home on wheels” broke down near Marjum Pass. He found shelter under an outcropping of rock and used flat rocks to wall in the small alcove. After a while, the government paid Bob to take care of the road, keeping the pass clear for when traffic came through. He worked this job until 1951 when the new highway came through. By then, Bob was in his seventies, so he moved into Delta for the remainder of his years. (Historical info from BLM).

View of Hermit's Cabin
You can walk inside, but please be careful.


The cabin still stands today. The hike to the cabin is quite short (only a quarter mile), but the drive to the cabin is long. To find the cabin, drive west on Highway 6/50 out of Delta. When you get to the U-Dig Fossils sign, turn right onto a well maintained dirt road. Cars can make the trip to this adventure. Follow this road for 10.1 miles and when you arrive at an intersection, turn left toward Marjum Pass (there is a sign).

The dirt road in Marjum Pass
The dirt roads are passable for any vehicle.

Once on the Marjum Pass road, drive for 12.8 miles to a sign that says Howell Peak and a dirt road (see picture below). Do not be fooled at 12.2 miles when there is also a dirt road and a sign that says Howell Peak. Drive past this first sign, and go to the 2nd Howell Peak sign. The road is a little rough, so depending on what you are driving, find a parking spot. Follow the road toward the canyon and the wash will curve toward the left.

Sign showing where to park for Hermit's Cabin
This is the second Howell Peak sign. Turn right here to go to Hermit’s Cabin.
The wash toward Hermit's Cabin.
Follow the road toward the wash into the small canyon.

The Cabin

After you park, it is only a short walk to Hermit’s Cabin. Just follow the dry wash for a hundred yards or so and it comes up on the left. It is a pretty cozy little structure. Some people call it Hermit’s Cave, but there is a concrete floor, one large room, and two windows with a beautiful view. A few old shelves and part of a stove can still be seen. As you look, you can’t help but admire Bob Stinson’s desire to get away from it all! Make sure to enjoy the beautiful view out the windows.

hermit's Cave
After you turn left, watch for the cabin up on the side.
Hermit's Cabin
Hermit’s Cabin is an impressive monument to independence.
Inside Hermit's Cabin
This is the inside of Hermit’s Cabin.
Two windows in Hermit's Cabin
The other side of the cabin has two windows.
Looking out the window of Hermit's Cabin
Make sure to enjoy the view out the windows.

Final Thoughts

We love to share our adventures, but we always worry about directing people to places like this. It is unique, fragile, and irreplaceable. Please enjoy this site without disturbing it. The BLM has asked that visitors do not lean or push on the walls. It might help to remember that Bob’s ashes were spread in front of this home when after he passed away. Remember to leave no trace so others can enjoy it as well.

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    I assume these photos are fairly recent. Good to see its pretty much in the same condition as when I was there in about 10 years ago. I’ll never forget seeing the night sky from this location. Incredibly dark, with thousands of stars you don’t normally see. But boy that was one windy night. Didn’t get a lot of sleep. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We just visited a few months ago. We are also glad that people have taken care of it so well!