Jenny’s Canyon | Snow Canyon State Park

The shortest, simplest slot canyon that we’ve ever visited is Jenny’s Canyon in Snow Canyon State Park. At a roundtrip distance of just under a half mile, the hike can be completed by anyone in reasonable shape, though wheels would not be able to make the trip. Best of all, Jenny’s Canyon is not just a slot canyon, but a box canyon. This means that you can walk right to the end of the canyon and run into a wall. This is extremely rare to find, and makes a great place for photos.

We were lucky enough to get a family photo in Jenny’s Canyon.

Hike Info:

  • Distance: 0.3 mile RT
  • Rating: Easy
  • Elevation Gain: 12 feet
  • Dog-Friendly: No
  • Fee: Snow Canyon State Park Fee ($10 for Utah residents in 2021/$15 for non-residents)
  • Tips for hiking: If the parking lot is full, park at the next lot on the left by the Sand Dunes and walk back.

In 1994 Jennifer Pratchett climbed on the cliffs that rim this canyon. In a tragic accident, she fell to her death. Since that time, Jenny’s Canyon has borne her name. Now the canyon receives hundreds of visitors per day, and the small parking lot can barely keep up with the traffic.

Jenny’s Canyon is located near the south entrance of the park. There is a small pullout for vehicles, but we ended up parking down the road at the sand dunes and walking back due to the number of visitors in the park. On the east side of the road, the trail winds to the base of the cliff. From there, it gently climbs, but not far. It splits and a short spur to the right goes to a small overlook.

The sign makes it easy to find and follow this trail. You can see the canyon leading to the left in the rock.
The hike is through the sand until you reach the canyon.
The last spot has you climb a few rocks to reach the canyon.

To the left is Jenny’s Canyon. The canyon isn’t very long, maybe 50 yards at best, but the walls are straight up for a hundred feet, and the canyon is extremely narrow. If you walk to the end of the canyon, a tiny ribbon of sky shimmers beautifully above you.

The canyon appears after just a 1/4 mile of a hike.
Our boys immediately started climbing.
There are lots of fun places to explore and take photos.

The hike to Jenny’s Canyon is great for toddlers. There are many places for pictures, and a few places to climb and explore. Our family declared this one of our favorite hikes in Snow Canyon. Make sure to visit our post to read more about what to do in Snow Canyon State Park!

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