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Wall Lake 1

There are so many amazing hikes along the Mirror Lake Highway, and we found another one last week. The hike to Wall Lake is flat, short, and very rewarding. The trail runs just 1 mile each way (2 miles RT) and has almost no change in elevation.


The Wall Lake trail starts at the Crystal Lake Trailhead. There is a large parking lot and several trails leaving from this area, so make sure you find the correct trail. As you pull into the large parking lot, you will pass a bathroom immediately. This is not the bathroom near the trailhead. At the other end of the parking lot, is another bathroom right next to a trail with a sign for Lost Lake. This is not the trail you want. You want the trail that is a little further away from the bathroom. There is sign that marks the beginning of the trail, but it is really faded.

Wall Lake 2
This trail is right next to the bathroom at the far end of the parking lot. DO NOT walk down this trail if you want to hike to Wall Lake.
Wall Lake 3
Look for this sign as you begin the hike our to Wall Lake. It is between the two bathrooms at the Crystal Lake Trailhead.

This trail is a bit rocky, and there are roots that reach across the path to trip you up, but it is flat and easy. It winds past several lakes, including one that you’ll see within 50 yards of the trailhead. The trail walks in and out of the shade depending on what time of day you are there. We went in the evening and we were mostly in the shade.

Wall Lake 5
The trail is covered with rocks and tree roots, so watch your step.
Wall Lake 4
You will pass some little lakes like this along the way.
Wall Lake 6
There was some shade on this trail, but we recommend wearing sunscreen and wearing a hat.

The drawback to this trail is that it is widely traveled, and you’ll pass a lot of people along the trail, especially on weekends. As you near the lake, there is a slight incline and you can see a bridge on the horizon. Follow the trail up and around to the bridge. At the top of the rise, the lake comes into view, and it is truly beautiful.

Wall Lake 7
We crossed the little stream and walked up on the other side of the trail, but went the other way back down. Both trails end up at the lake.
Wall Lake 8
You will come up a small hill and see this beautiful Wall Lake.
You cross the bridge which is super fun for the kids.
You cross the bridge which is super fun for the kids.

The lake is called Wall Lake because of long rock wall that that plunges directly into the lake. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to walk around the lake because of the wall. The lake is also huge compared to many of the hundreds of lakes in the Uinta Range.

Wall Lake 11
The wall is the boundary of one side of the lake.
Wall Lake 10
The water is very clear at Wall Lake.
Wall Lake 9
Wall Lake is big and beautiful.

We spent around a half hour throwing rocks and walking along the shore, but we didn’t venture to the left where the base of the granite wall begins. There were several people fishing there, though. We have also read that some people will cliff jump off the wall into the lake. And we did pass some people who had camped next to Wall Lake for 3 days, so there are tons of activities to do at this beautiful lake.


This hike is appropriate for all ages though you couldn’t push a wheelchair along the rocky trail. Move Wall Lake to the top of your summer bucket list. The Crystal Lake Trailhead turnoff is found approximately 26 miles from Kamas on the Mirror Lake Highway. It is well signed. You will pass Trial Lake campgrounds and Washington Lake Campgrounds, and then end at the trailhead parking lot. If you hit the dirt road, you have gone too far.

Wall Lake

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