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We were camping on the Mirror Lake Highway this week and found a new hike that started right in the Mirror Lake Campground. Bonnie Lake trail, which runs just one mile each way (2 miles RT) is flat and easy. It leads to a beautifully peaceful lake, and it isn’t very busy.

Hike Info:

  • Distance: Varies from starting point. 2.0 miles RT from campground.
  • Rating: Easy
  • Dog Friendly: Yes


There are two trailheads for Bonnie Lake trail. The first starts right in the Mirror Lake campground across from site 34. The second starts at a small parking area next to the campground. This is the one you want to use if you are not staying in the Mirror Lake Campground. To access this trailhead, drive right to the campground, but instead of turning on the dirt road, continue on the pavement around the corner to a large parking area. The trail climbs up to the Bonnie Lake trail from the parking lot.

This is the trailhead in the campground for Bonnie Lake.

There is a third way to hike this trail. You can park by the boat ramp for Mirror Lake and hike along the shore of Mirror Lake counterclockwise for 1/3 of a mile. Then just before it turns left to head around the lake, there is a small path that leads up to the campground and the trail sign. This is a little trickier to navigate, but would be flatter than the trailhead parking.

Bonnie Lake Trail

The Bonnie Lake trail has some gentle up and down sections, but there is nothing steep or strenuous. It is a great hike for toddlers with a lot to see. We even saw a family of five weasels playing in the rocks (sorry, we couldn’t get a photo). Along the way, we passed several small pools, too. There may even be deer and moose along this trail.

The trail is rocky like all trails along the Mirror Lake Highway.
The trail is beautiful. It goes in and out of shade.
There are little ponds along the trail to explore around.

Eventually, the lake appears in a beautiful meadow. You can take one of several trails down to the edge. Bonnie Lake is small, but beautiful. When we were there, the water was a crystal clear reflection of the granite peaks in the background.

The trail drops down to the lake.
There is a small trail to the lake, but the more official trail is around the bend.
Here’s the Bonnie Lake sign.
Bonnie Lake is beautiful, and we only saw one other group on this hike.
It is a very peaceful spot.

This short hike is perfect for toddlers, especially if you are staying at Mirror Lake!

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