Teapot Lake Hike

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Teapot Lake is another great hike in the Uintah Mountains along the Mirror Lake Highway. The lake can be viewed from the road, so this is a simple 1 mile stroll along the shore.


There is a narrow pullout for Teapot Lake (26.3 miles from Kamas) just before you reach Lilly Lake Campground and across the street from Lost Lake, which is really a reservoir. Park there, and walk the lake clockwise. The trail through the trees is beautiful and simple. All our boys (age 3, 6, and 9) walked the entire way. Be sure to watch for ospreys that nest around the lake. At the very least, you can see their nests high in the trees.

You park right next to this sign.

Teapot Lake is a popular fishing spot, so there are many places where you can walk right down and touch the water– or throw rocks, which is how our boys get their kicks. You are also bound to pass a few fishermen either in boats, or along the shore.The trail is very flat as you circle the lake, but in some spots there is mud if you try to walk closer to the lake for throwing rocks or fishing, so watch out for muddy places.

You can see the mud near the edge of the lake.
It was a beautiful little stop for our boys.
The trail is very easy and flat. Watch out for tree roots!


The one draw back to Teapot Lake is that there were quite a few mosquitoes. They weren’t bad as long as we were moving, but if we stopped for a rest or to throw rocks, they swarmed pretty quickly. Make sure to take a good bug spray, and don’t plan to sit still for long.

The other end of the lake has some lily pads.
There are some side ponds as you walk around Teapot Lake that you can explore as well.
The wildflowers were just starting to bloom. July is the best time for seeing the flowers up in the high Uintahs.

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