We love hiking! We hike often all throughout the year, and have found so many great trails! There is just something special about being together as a family exploring the outdoors, and then arriving at a beautiful destination. It is a wonderful adventure for our family.

Utah has so many hikes. Thousands of different trails. We share all of the hikes that we have hiked as family, and give all the details here that you’ll need as you head out on the trail. How long, how hard, fees required, and more.

Corona Arch (and Bowtie Arch) Moab

Corona Arch is a massive stone arch near Moab, Utah. This popular arch requires a 2.3 mile hike with short steep climbs including a ladder and a chain. However, these obstacles are more fun than treacherous, and this hike is definitely worth it, especially because there are two arches on this…


Longbow Arch | Moab

Longbow Arch is a moderate hike to a beautiful arch near Moab. This hike goes right past the Poison Spider Dinosaur Trackway, as well as some beautiful petroglyphs. This trail is moderate due to full-sun exposure as well as some narrow trails and rocky scrambles over tough terrain. Still, three rewards…


Faux Falls | Moab

Faux Falls is a fun little hike just outside of Moab. The trail runs just over 2.0 miles roundtrip and is slightly uphill from Ken's Lake to a waterfall that flows early in the year. It is said that this waterfall dries up during the summer, but it was running in…


Mill Creek Waterfall | Moab

Mill Creek Waterfall is a small cascade that empties into a pretty little grotto near Moab, Utah. The hike to Mill Creek is fairly easy, though there is a little scrambling and a few stream crossings that are likely to get your feet wet. If you are hiking on a hot…


Chimney Rock Loop Trail

Chimney Rock Loop is a moderate hike in Capitol Reef National Park. Though Chimney Rock can easily be seen from the roadside parking lot, this hike takes you to the foot of beautiful soaring red rock walls that are especially beautiful in the morning or evening sunlight. We loved the views…


Enepitsi “Ghost” Trail | St. George

There are so many good hikes in southern Utah, but the Enepitsi Trail is one of our favorites because it is really close to St. George. This trail leads through a beautiful, lush canyon with petroglyphs high on the walls. Whether you are visiting for Spring Break, or just enjoying a…