Solitude Scenic Chair Lift

Solitude Ski Resort has a bunch of summer activities going on throughout the warmer months. We decided to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon to take a ride on the Solitude Scenic Chair Lift. The lift takes you to the top of the mountain where you can hike or even bike back down. We were even more excited when we saw that this adventure was added to our Get Out Pass. (Check the pass to see if it’s still there!)

Summer Scenic Lift

The Solitude Scenic Chair Lift rides on the same ski lift that is used throughout winter. The benches are simple with a bar that you pull down over you to hold you on to, but it is very open. If you have young kids, you will want to keep them close and talk with them about sitting down the entire ride.

You will need to check in at the ticket office. We parked in the public parking lot which is the first turn for Solitude before the Solitude Village. If you are staying in the Solitude village, then you will be able to purchase your tickets at the office. There is limited parking at the Solitude Village for non-guests, so Solitude recommends the large public parking lot.

This is where we parked.
There was this amazing sculpture at Solitude.

Since we started at the Moonbeam Lodge/Public Parking lot, we actually rode two lifts. The first one is a quick ride over to the bigger Solitude Scenic Chair Lift. The tickets are magnetic so you just hold them up to the gate and it swings open, which was pretty cool. Of course, everyone working at the lifts was super nice and helpful. After you ride the first lift, walk over to the Sunrise life, which is the official Solitude Scenic Chair Lift ride.

The first ride is a quick ride up the hill.
Then you have to walk about 5 minutes over to the other lift.
We walked over near the pond, too. This would be a great moose sighting area.

The ride is beautiful and peaceful as you head up the mountain. When we went in early August, there were still some wildflowers to enjoy. We were hoping to see some wildlife, and we did see a few deer and some squirrels. There are often moose in this area, so keep your eye out. Mostly we enjoyed the sunshine and the mountain views as we rode up the mountain.

We went in August and it was still super green.
Headed up the mountain!

When you get to the top, you are required to get off the lift. You can then hop in line to ride back down, take a quick hike, or even walk back down. We chose to hike over to Lake Solitude.

Lake Solitude

We have hiked to Lake Solitude from Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood, but this was a much shorter hike. It was about 1/3 of a mile over to the lake. The trail was mostly flat, and we enjoyed the flowers lining the edge of the trail. Once we arrived at the lake, we threw a few rocks into the water before walking around the small lake. This added another 1/3 of a mile around, plus the 1/3 of a mile back to the chair lift, so it was a 1.0 mile walk roundtrip around the lake. The trail is easy and flat, except for the climb back up to the chair lift right at the end.

The trail over to Lake Solitude is mostly flat.
The trail is shared with mountain bikers, so make sure to stay to the left on the hikers only trail.
We love hiking in the mountains.
Lake Solitude is small, but it’s pretty in the mountains.
We did spot a few deer up near Lake Solitude.
We decided to walk around the lake.
This is a view of Lake Solitude from the other side.
It is a gorgeous spot! The water is crystal clear.

Luckily, you can rest while you ride back down. The views are just as good going down as going up. We had a great time on the Solitude Scenic Chair Lift. We loved being able to hike at the top. We also loved using our Get Out Pass to save us a few dollars. This was an awesome summer adventure, and it is sure to be a beautiful Fall adventure, too. For more info about things happening at Solitude in the summer, and for the current prices, visit their website.

On our way back down!
The mountain views are amazing!

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