Eagle Summit Park

We found a fun little park in the Traverse Mountain area of Lehi. Eagle Summit Park is high on the hill in Lehi behind the Outlets and Cabela’s. We enjoyed the morning playing on the unique slides and pyramid.


Eagle Summit Park has a climbing pyramid. It’s not quite as big as the one at Neptune Park, but my son and I had a great time climbing. In fact, he was more confident climbing this pyramid since it was a smaller. There is also a little playground. The playground is great for younger kids, too. There are spinning toys throughout the park, and swings!

This is the pyramid for climbing.
We enjoyed climbing all the way to the top.
Here’s the playground. It’s perfect for toddlers.
There are quite a variety of different toys to play on.

The slides are the highlight of this park. There is a small hill that has slides chuting down different sides. Our five year old loved sliding down onto the grass, and then running back up to slide down a different slide. We had never seen a park with slides right in the grass!

We loved the slides on this little hill.
There are 5 different slides to try!

Eagle Summit Park also has a walking trail around the park with some cute bridges. There is a pavilion, basketball court, and bathrooms. There is also a grassy space next to the slides and courts.

The walking trail goes around the entire park. It’s not flat, but it’s paved.
There are a few different bridges, and picnic tables.

Although this park is a little smaller, we still had a great time playing at Eagle Summit Park. There was plenty to do to keep kids of all ages entertained. We also paired our park adventures with Sunrise Summit Park a few blocks downs the road.


Eagle Summit Park is located at 5058 N Ravencrest Ln in Lehi.



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