Rotary Park in Moab

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Moab has the best little park to visit on your trip to Grand Country. Rotary Park is great because it has been around for a long time and is well-established. It also focuses on music, which was fun for our entire family. If you’d like a nice place to picnic, or just a shady spot to spend a little time in the grass, try Rotary Park in Moab.

Lots of fun musical instruments at this park.

This park is located at 680 S Mill Creek Drive. There is a little turnout and a small parking area. There is a shaded pavilion that people may have rented out, but we’ve often found it vacant and made our own lunch on the tables there. We also enjoyed the benches and picnic tables throughout the park. The park had a basketball court, too.

There were some big shady trees at Rotary Park.
This was our favorite table.

There is a small playground at Rotary Park that has slides and areas to play. It is great for young kids. We preferred the musical aspect of the park much more. You know how some parks have a mallet and a few metal bars to hit? This one had at least a dozen attractions like this. There were several places to drum, multiple bell instruments, a half dozen pipes and xylophones, and a few other things to bang on. All of the instruments were in good condition, too. Please take care of them so others can enjoy this park. We played all of the instruments and had a nice time after our picnic lunch.

This is the small playground area.
Our boys loved trying every instrument.
We like that there are so many different ones to try.
One was even built on an old mining car.

Though shade is at a premium in Moab, there is plenty at Rotary Park. This is because the park has been in Moab for a long time, and the trees have matured. There is plenty of grassy space, and it’s nice and cool on a hot day, just right for an impromptu soccer or baseball game.

A trail runs through the park alongside a little creek. There are also some pretty cool bridges that cross the creek in two places, and these were worth exploring as well. We went down by the creek and threw rocks for a few minutes and enjoy the shade.

There is a walking path and creek through Rotary Park.
There are two different bridges over the creek.
Throwing rocks into water is a must with our boys.

We were so glad we found the little gem of Rotary Park in Moab. Add it to your list of places to check out on your next trip to southern Utah. This park is on the way to Mill Creek Waterfall, so they are great to pair together. For more ideas on things to do in Moab, use this list.

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