Airborne Draper

With three active boys in our family, we love adventures where we can play together and burn some energy. Airborne has a few different locations in Utah, and we have been to the Lindon spot many times. We recently checked out Airborne Draper because they added some brand new features.

Airborne Draper is a trampoline park, but there is a lot more to do than just trampolines. It is an awesome indoor adventure where you can easily play all day. Our boys ran and jumped and slid for two hours. They were sweaty, but they also had huge smiles on their faces. This is a fun place to play!

Our boys love Airborne Draper.


Airborne Draper has a huge area with trampolines. There are dozens of trampolines where kids can jump and flip and run. Our kids like hopping as fast as they can from one side to the other. There are also some specialty trampoline areas where you can jump high and try to land on the wall. Or even areas where you can jump into a huge pillowy area. This is where my kids try to do flips.

There is a large area with tons of trampolines.
You can run and jump all over the place.
There are also specialty trampolines that bounce you higher, and into pillows or pits sometimes.
This spot has small trampolines to bounce you in, or you can just cannon ball from the top!

Lil’ Air Arena

Don’t worry if you have little kids. They have a separate area for little kids to jump. The Lil’ Air Arena is for anyone under 48 inches. I appreciated this area a lot when I had young jumpers. The big kids don’t realize how much their bouncing affects these little kids. There are still plenty of trampolines to keep the little kids busy.

This little area is perfect for small children.

Space Station Playground

Airborne Draper just added a new playground to their indoor activities. It is the largest indoor playground in Utah, and it is for kids ages 10 and younger. There are tons of places to climb, slide, and explore. I also liked that there is one way in and out. So you can sit and keep an eye on your kids pretty easily in this section. The space theme is super fun!

The new space station playground is huge!
There are so many different kinds of activities.
This are is designed for kids under 10.
There are lots of places to climb and slide.

Extreme Slides

For the slightly bigger kids, Airborne Draper added some extreme slides. Grab a mat, climb the stairs, and pick one of three slides to go down. One is a pretty standard slide, another you slide down and go back and forth, and the third slide has a little jump at the end. Our boys thought the slides were super fun. We spent a lot of time going down the slides over and over again. The slides are for kids ages 5 and older.

The blue slide gives you a little jump at the end.
The orange slide drops you down and then you slide back and forth until you stop.
Our boys started doing different poses for each slide.

Air Ninja Obstacle Course

The other fun area in Airborne Draper is the ninja obstacle course. This area is tucked in the back corner beyond the trampolines. The obstacles put your upper body strength to the test, much like Ninja Warrior where you swing on a rope to get to different obstacles. Other times you climb like a rock climber or run up a wall. If you do fall, there is a nice air bag to land on. Our teens like facing these challenges.

This is an overlook of some of the obstacles and challenges.
Some require arm strength.
Other challenges require balance.

Airborne Draper has something for everyone. Kids of all ages can enjoy the activities, even on a rainy day. We definitely enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to go back. Check out their website for hours and pricing. This is a super fun place for a birthday party. If you live in Utah County, you can check out Airborne Lindon (and here’s a secret–they are getting a space station playground, too).

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