Harvest Hills Park Saratoga Springs

Harvest Hills Park 2

Saratoga Springs has three amazing parks: Neptune Park, Shay Park, and Harvest Hills. We visited Harvest Hills Park this week and we had a ton of fun. Our boys spent almost all of their time on the Zipline, but there are fun playgrounds, lots of grass, restrooms, and more.


The Zipline is definitely the highlight of this park. It is a long zipline, and instead of being a bar that you hang on and slide, like in other parks, this zipline has a rope with a small circle seat that you can stand or sit on. It is in excellent condition, and I even took a ride on the zipline.  I did help our 3 year-old get on and going for his ride, but he did the ride by himself. I saw a few other moms running along side their smaller children. My older boys had no trouble working the zipline by themselves. This occupied them for almost an hour! Check us out on the short video below!

Harvest Hills Park 6
The zipline is seriously a BLAST!
Harvest Hills Park 1
My sister helping her little one on the zipline. She didn’t want to be left out.

Harvest Hills Park also has two playgrounds. One is smaller and is perfect for those small toddlers who can’t climb on some of the larger playground equipment. The other playground has a lot of fun toys like a chain wall to climb, and a few different slides. The playground is in good condition and there are benches all around both playgrounds for moms to rest on.

Harvest Hills Park 9
This is the smaller playground. There is a similar spinning toy ball at Bandwagon Park in Lehi.
Harvest Hills Park 8
All of the kids loved riding this dinosaur, even the big ones!
Harvest Hills Park 5
This playground has some fun places to climb up to the slide.
Harvest Hills Park 4
The kids loved climbing this rock wall.
Harvest Hills Park 11
Not too many parks have this spinning/running toy. Our kids were intrigued by it.
Harvest Hills Park 12
They also had fun climbing these chain ladders.

Because this is a brand new park, there isn’t a lot of shade around the zipline or the playground, but there are some small trees, as well as a pavilion. There is a cute little bridge near the pavilion and the bathrooms that is fun to walk over, and there is a lot of grass. We also noticed a fire pit that has obviously been used. There were benches around, and I’m guessing that local neighbors use it for roasting marshmallows in the summer. Further across the park, there are baseball fields, too.

Harvest Hills Park 3
The park is very pretty, and the pavilion isn’t too far from the playground.
Harvest Hills Park 10
The fire pit looked recently used, and this park is quite picturesque.

If you are looking for a new park for summer, check out Harvest Hills Park. And Shay Park is just around the corner. We did both of these park in one morning. Have fun!


Harvest Hills Park is located by Harvest Elementary in Saratoga Springs at 2104 N Providence Dr. The easiest way to get here is to head west on Harvest Hills Blvd from Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs (this is the light that is about a 1/2 mile north of WalMart). Head west and continue straight through the first round about. When you get to the 2nd roundabout, you will see the park on your right. Turn right onto Providence Drive and park in the parking lot.

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  1. Michele

    Do you know if you have to have permission to use the fire ring? What a fun park!! Can’t wait to go, we’re just around the corner in Eagle Mountain.

    1. Natalie

      I’m not sure about the use of the fire ring. I would guess that it is first come first serve use. There wasn’t a sign nearby that I noticed, but people had obviously had fires in it recently.