Liberty Park in Salt Lake City

Legacy Park 1

Liberty Park is a well known park in Salt Lake City. It is huge!! 100 acres to be exact, and there is a lot to do all over the park. We are going to share some of the fun things we found to do at this park, but we did not have time to visit everything in one visit. That is how big Liberty Park is!


Tracy Aviary

Legacy Park 2
We love the bird shows at Tracy Aviary! So fun!

Tracy Aviary is located in Liberty Park. This is the usual venue we come visit, but we don’t always stay and play after we have walked through the aviary for a few hours. We love the aviary and visit often. You can read all about our favorite parts of the aviary: Tracy Aviary.

Liberty Lake

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We didn’t spend a ton of time at the beautiful lake that is located in Liberty Park. We walked by and watched some of the people who were fishing. There are also paddle boats to rent if you want to paddle around the little lake. We really liked that there is a small island in the lake. You can walk on a bridge out to a gazebo and look out over the lake.

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Seven Canyons Fountain

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This is the main attraction at Liberty Park (other than the aviary). It is a huge water play area designed to represent the seven canyons in Salt Lake. The water bubbles up at the top of the seven little cement canyons, and runs down into a large pool of water at the bottom. There are little waterfalls, lakes, and other fun water spaces for the kids to splash around in. My kids floated sticks down the rivers and had a lot of fun getting wet. This is a great summer adventure. Read more about this fun fountain: Seven Canyons.

Park & Splash Pad

The splash pad is small, but still a great place to get wet.
The splash pad is small, but still a great place to get wet.

Liberty Park also has a park and splash pad. There are two playgrounds. One for the littler kids and one for the big kids even though our boys liked playing on both of them despite their age. Right between the playgrounds is a splash pad. This splash pad isn’t super huge, but there is a fun tunnel that the kids loved running through and they were drenched after running through the sprayers.

Legacy Park 6
The bigger playground surrounded by a ton of swings!
Legacy Park 7
This is geared for the smaller kiddos.
Legacy Park 9
The tunnel of water was definitely the favorite activity at the splash pad.

Picnic Tables

Legacy Park 10

There are a ton of picnic tables at Liberty Park. And they are all below huge shade trees. We love all the shade at Liberty Park because the park is so old, the trees are huge! If you decide to go for the day, take a picnic lunch and enjoy a shady lunch.


Our boys loved watching the train even though we didn't ride on it.
Our boys loved watching the train even though we didn’t ride on it.

There are a few other fun things to do at Liberty Park that we didn’t get a chance to try. They have a swimming pool and tennis courts. There are also some rides right next to Tracy Aviary: ferris wheel, merry go round, train ride, and a few other things. We decided not to splurge this trip, but maybe next time.

If you are looking for a new park to try, give Liberty Park a try. There is a lot to do and it will keep you busy all day long!

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