Aviation Navigation Arrow | St. George

We were so excited to check out the Aviation Navigation Arrows in St. George when we first heard about them. These large concrete arrows were built as navigational tools for early mail pilots. There are a few in the area, but this was the first one that we visited. And it was an easy stop! If you love history or interesting objects, then definitely go check out this Aviation Navigation Arrow.

The arrow is quite large!

The arrow is located right behind the water tank in the Bloomington area. We drove to the address (see below), and there was a small parking pull out next to a dirt road that heads up to the water tank. You could park here and walk up if you don’t feel confident going up the dirt road. We decided to drive, and we were in a small passenger car. The car made it just fine. We parked next to the water tank and walked around to see the large arrow.

We parked near this water tank, but you can also hike this road up to the arrow.

The Aviation Navigation Arrow has 4 large sections of concrete to create the arrow. There is a small sign with information about how it was used. The arrow is quite large, which makes sense since an airplane pilot needed to be able to see it. There are beautiful views of St. George and the area from up here, too. We spent a few minutes admiring the area and enjoying the historical significance of this arrow.

We loved finding such a unique spot in St. George.
The sign gives a little bit of background.
The views are beautiful!
You can see Snow Canyon our in the distance, too.
This shows how close the arrow is to town.

The Aviation Navigation Arrow is located at Monte Dr. If you decided to hike, the trail is about 0.5 miles roundtrip. If you drive the dirt road, the walk is minimal. For more information about these arrows, this article from KSL gives a good background history. And if you are in this area of St. George, check out these other adventures nearby:

We loved this adventure.

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