Tonaquint Nature Center | St. George

Whenever we stay in St. George, we make a stop at Tonaquint Park. Thunder Junction at Tonaquint Park is one of our kids’ favorite places to play in Utah, and this park also has a fun nature center. We love to feed the ducks and wander the paths at the Tonaquint Nature Center.

The Tonaquint Nature Center isn’t actually a center. There is a small information building, but we have never been there when it is open. The nature center is more of a natural area to explore. Next to the small building, is a large pond. This pond is full of ducks and a few geese. We love to bring bird food or healthy snacks like grapes or lettuce to feed the ducks. The ducks are very happy if you bring them a snack.

We have also spotted lots of other birds around the pond. We usually see great blue herons. Last time we saw a swan, and we have seen belted kingfishers, too.

There are plenty of ducks to feed.
The ducks will come out to eat closer to you.
The ducks were not afraid of us at all.

After we spend some time with the ducks, we like to walk on the trails through the nature center. There are different paths to follow. We have never seen a map, so we just pick a trail and walk along until we come to the next crossroads. There are a few signs around the nature center, and a few benches to sit and enjoy nature.

The trails are beautiful in the Fall.
The nature center has a lot of places to wander.

There are pretty trees along the paths and some paths lead down to the river. We have seen rabbits in the mornings or evenings, and we even came across a little teepee. This would be a great place to take family photos, especially in the Fall. If you want an easy stroll, and an enjoyable time in nature, check out Tonaquint Nature Center.

There were lots of different places to walk.
Our boys liked this little teepee structure.


To find the Tonaquint Nature Center, use the address 1851 S. Dixie Drive in St. George. Once you are in the parking lot, follow the signs to the end of the parking lot by some bathrooms and tennis courts. Park there and follow the trail toward the cemetery, The nature center comes up on the right.

Follow this paved path to the nature center.
This is the entrance to Tonaquint Nature Center.

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