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Mouse’s Tank Trail in Valley of Fire State Park has two points of interest: petroglyphs and a small water hole. This is a short, easy hike and worth the walk to see Petroglyph Canyon.

Petroglyphs on rock
There are petroglpyhs all over the rocks along this trail.

Hike Info:

Mouse was an outlaw, and he had a great spot to hide out in the desert of Valley of Fire. It was a great spot because there was a large cut in the rock that held water for a long time. Since nobody seemed to know about it, Mouse could stay there until things cleared up a little, and then get on his way. Nobody knows how many times Mouse used his tank, but you can still visit it today.

Mouse's Tank Valley of Fire
Mouse’s Tank was empty when we visited.

Mouse’s Tank Trail is nice for its destination, but it also has some really cool petroglyphs. In fact, there are hundreds of petroglyphs along the walls of the small arroyo leading to Mouse’s tank. Within fifty yards of the trailhead, look to the left side of the trail on the black rock. You may spot some of the most beautiful petroglyphs we’ve seen. The prettiest ones had a line of three or four people holding hands. This area of Valley of Fire is named Petroglyph Canyon because of the amount of petroglyphs in this part of the park.

Two boys hiking in Valley of Fire State Park.
The trail is easy to follow, but there is not shade.
There are lots of interesting rocks to see.
Watch for petroglyphs all over the rocks.

As you continue up Petroglyph Canyon, you can see even more petroglyphs. Look for the same black walls with the petroglyphs standing out starkly because of their lighter color. We saw one panel that was around 75 feet long and 25 feet high. There were so many figures on this one rock. You don’t have to do far to get to any of these petroglyphs, and the trail was flat and sandy the entire way.

There are little patches of petroglyphs all through Petroglyph Canyon.
We enjoyed looking at all of the different figures.

Mouse’s Tank is less than a half mile from the parking lot, making this hike a mere 0.8 miles. Like all the trails in Valley of Fire, there is no shade and lots of sand. The tank was dry when we visited in April, but the petroglyphs were the most interesting part of the hike. Mouse’s Tank Trail in Valley of Fire State Park is definitely worth the distance! Check out our post on Valley of Fire State Park for other hike and activity suggestions.

The end of the trail is Mouse’s Tank. It’s easy to find.
The trail is sand most of the way.

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  1. Jonathan Nielsen

    Valley of Fire is so great, it’s shocking that it’s not a national park. Mouse’s Tank is such a great and short trail that for our family it’s a must each time we visit.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      It really is a great place to visit!