Seven Canyons Fountain: Liberty Park

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Right in the center of Liberty Park is a fun water fountain for kids and families to play in. The Seven Canyons Fountain is different than a regular splash pad because it is designed to look like the seven canyons that flow from the mountains down into the Salt Lake Valley. It is a fun place to cool off in the summer.


The Seven Canyons Fountain has seven different “canyons.” The water begins at the top of these canyons as waterfalls or bubbling pools, and then it flows down in little rivers, just like the rivers in the canyons. When it reaches the bottom it pools into a large lake.  The canyons even look like the canyons that they are designed after. Big Cottonwood is large and filled with waterfalls while Millcreek is smaller and flatter. We love that it looks like our Utah home!

Image taken from Wikipedia.
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Millcreek is one of the seven canyons in Salt Lake County.
Seven Canyons 4
Here is Little Cottonwood with large granite rocks much like the actual Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Seven Canyons 5
Big Cottonwood Canyon was very busy!

Seven Canyons Fountain is in a large area. A lot of kids can play here and still find plenty of places to get wet. It also makes it a little bit tricky to keep an eye on kids. There are all sorts of places to come in and out of the fountain. I followed our youngest around, and our older two stuck together as they played in the water. Make a plan with your children beforehand about checking in with you every once in awhile.

Seven Canyons 2
The water all ends up down here in the “Jordan River” and eventually in a large pool.
Seven Canyons 7
The area to play in is HUGE!
Seven Canyons 9
The tops of the canyons are all connected, so have a plan on keeping an eye on your kids!
This is the large pool at the bottom of the canyons where kids can splash.
This is the large pool at the bottom of the canyons where kids can splash.

Our boys loved walking from canyon to canyon and sticking their feet in the waterfalls. They also loved when they found an open spot to sit in the water. One game that our boys started playing was floating sticks or leaves down the rivers. They had races to see which stick went the furthest. This kept them entertained for quite some time.

Seven Canyons 8
There are little pools to sit in and cool off.
Seven Canyons 10
The boys loved racing sticks down the rivers.

If you plan to stay at the Seven Canyons Fountain for awhile, bring a chair. There are a few benches around the fountain, but not many, and definitely not very many in the shade. Wear your swimsuits, and have fun.

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