Ethel M Chocolates and Cactus Garden

There’s a really great stop in Las Vegas that is entirely family friendly. Ethel M Chocolates is a chocolate shop where you can see the candy actually being made, as well as a cactus garden to walk through outside. Since we visited at Christmastime, our pictures show the cactuses decorated with all colors of Christmas lights. The great thing about this adventure is that it is free, unless you want to buy some really incredible chocolate to give your kids at the end of the tour.

The whole garden is covered in Christmas lights, but I bet it’s beautiful in the daytime, too.

We started with a walking tour outside to see the cactuses. Did you know that there are 2,000 varieties of cactus? Of course, we didn’t see them all, but we really enjoyed our walk through the gardens. We love the outdoors, so seeing a saguaro, as well as a standing saguaro skeleton, was really cool. Our kids had a great time looking at each cactus and comparing all the different types.

We loved learning about the different varieties of cactus.
The large saguaro cacti are so beautiful.
There are also some animal lights, too. Unicorns and peacocks were our favorites.

When we had our fill of the cactuses, we headed inside for the chocolate tour. Since we came to visit after hours, chocolate wasn’t actively being made, but we still read all the informational signs and looked at the equipment. Next time we’ll go back to see the chocolate makers in action.

We can’t wait to visit during working hours.
There were a lot of information signs for us to learn from and a free sample.
The factory would be fun to watch.

We ended in the giftshop, where we bought chocolate for the kids. It was a little pricey at $2-$3 per bar, but since we didn’t pay any admission, we didn’t feel even a twinge of guilt. Ethel M Chocolates was a great way to spend a little family time in Las Vegas.

For more information on hours and tours at Ethel M Chocolates, visit their website. For a great chocolate or candy tour here in Utah, check out Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates or Sweet Candy Factory.

We enjoyed eating chocolate at the end!

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