Weber County Christmas Lights Drive

We have had many requests for a light drive in the more northern areas of Utah, so we are working hard to create them. This Christmas Light drive is in Weber and Davis counties. All of the houses on this route are west of 1-15, and we spent a few hours one evening watching all of these light shows. We hope that this Weber County Christmas Lights drive helps your family enjoy the holidays this season.

We love Christmas Light drives in Utah!

Roy City Lights

We began our evening by walking around the Roy City lights at the Municipal building. You can begin your evening there, too, or you can end your evening there if you want to make one big circle. Those lights are not on this list, but we think they are a great addition to the Weber County Christmas Lights Drive. You can read more about this display on our Roy City Lights post.

Get out and walk through the Roy City Lights.

Stop 1: 3362 W 5950 S Roy

This home is closest to 1-15 and the Roy City Lights, so we began here. It is a smaller display, but there were some bright colors and nicely timed lights. There is also a really fun screen on the house, and the tree shows different patterns and objects, too. We watched for a few songs before we moved on to our next stop. Tune to 93.5 FM to enjoy this show.

These lights are well timed to music.
There are lots of colors and a fun screen to watch on the house.

Stop 2: 2889 W 2550 N Clinton

We were impressed with this house. There is a lot to see, and so many lights dancing to the music. They also had a really cool effect where the lights looked like they reverberated (I know that’s a sound word, but it’s the best way I can think to describe it). We really enjoyed this show and watched a lot of songs. Tune to 90.7 FM for this light display.

This house has a great display.
We enjoyed the dancing lights on the roof.

Stop 3: Hooper Holiday Lights

This show was also really good. It had a similar look to stop #2, but they had different songs. We are always so grateful that so many of these homes are available for everyone to enjoy. The Hooper Holiday Lights are located at 5864 W 5300 S, Hooper. Tune to 90.5 FM.

Hooper Holidays lights was similar to the other home.
People are so creative with their lights.

Stop 4: 5174 S 5900 W Hooper

We came across this show by accident when we were looking for another stop, but these lights are just down the street from the Hooper Holiday Lights, so add them to your list. The lights are on a large garage and all along the fence. They even have a screen that is super bright with words that flash or scroll on it. This road is a busy road, so make sure to get all the way off when watching. Tune to 90.7 FM.

This large shed was covered with lights.
The lights along the fence jump and dance.

Stop 5: Lights on Syracuse

We have heard from many people that we needed to visit the Lights on Syracuse, and this show did not disappoint. It is a large show with lights all over the home and yard, and even the side yard. The lights are very well timed and they have a huge variety of songs. You’ll find this show at 741 St. Andrews Dr. in Syracuse and tune the radio to 99.1 FM.

The Lights on Syracuse has a big show.
These lights look extra bright way out in the middle of nowhere!
There are some lights on the other side of the driveway.

Stop 6: 3866 Turnberry Dr. Syracuse

Just a few minutes away from the Lights on Syracuse is another display. It is a little bit smaller, but we enjoyed that a lot of the songs that we heard here weren’t repeats from the other shows. We always like the trees with have images on them, as well as the snowmen and lights that sing the songs. Tune to 93.7 FM.

We enjoyed this show and the different songs that they used.

A Few More Ideas

Another amazing display in Weber County is the Ogden Christmas Village, but that takes a lot longer to visit. It is one of our favorite traditions at Christmas time. You will want to plan this activity for another night, or you can try to pack it all into one evening, but start early at the Christmas Village.

Ogden Christmas Village is another walk through display.

We are always looking for ideas, so if you know of a great Christmas light display in this area, send us an email at with the all of the information.

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  1. Cheryl

    I know this list was from 2022, but I drove it tonight and all the homes had wonderful lights. Thanks for putting this all together. I took my parents and kids and we had a wonderful time.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so glad you had a great time and thank you for letting me know that they are all on again this year!