Ninja Kidz Salt Lake

Ninja Kidz Salt Lake is an indoor play area that has a ton of fun activities for kids of all ages. Our teenagers had just as much fun as our younger boys. We enjoyed the variety of activities that they had inside. There is a lot more than just trampolines, so everyone found something to do that they loved. If you are looking for a new spot to burn some energy, check out Ninja Kidz Salt Lake.

Kids and adults love playing at Ninja Kidz.

Ninja Kidz Activities

When you enter Ninja Kidz Salt Lake you see two large slides. We went straight to these to check them out. You use a mat to slide down and at the end you fall into a jumping pillow for a soft landing. Next to the slides is a large tumbling mat. There are some toys for kids to jump on or over.

The big slides are a huge hit!
This was a large mat great for tumbling and exploring bodies.

One side of Ninja Kidz Salt Lake is full of trampolines and other has bouncing toys. There is a large cushioned arm that swings around requiring kids to jump over or lay under it on their trampoline. There is an area for jousting along a balance beam. There are also some big jumps into an air pillow. Also on this side of the park is an obstacle course. We spent lots of time playing on this side.

There are lots of trampolines for bouncing.
We liked the variety of activities for older kids.
Dad liked playing this game, too!
We like the olympic trampolines where you bounce even higher.
The obstacle course was good for bigger kids.

On the other side of the building is a large area set aside for dodge ball and there was quite a crowd playing the day that we there. Our boys enjoyed the basketball court, too. There is also a zipline and a swing for kids to use and then land in a jumping pillow. There is a worker sitting here to help kids use these toys safely.

The Zipline and swing are lots of fun.

This is a great spot for basketball lovers because there is a cushioned basketball court. Our boys joined in a game with some other kids and had a lot of fun. Over by the trampolines, there are also three hoops set up for dunking. You can bounce high on the trampoline and put in a big dunk. Our boys loved this.

These are the dunking hoops at all heights.
The teens loved this area!
We also had fun on the cushioned basketball court.

We had a blast playing at Ninja Kidz and our boys were definitely worn out when we finished. This is a great spot to burn energy during those cold winter months. For other ideas on indoor play areas, check out our post on Indoor Adventure Play Areas in Utah.


There is a small cafe with some drinks and a few food items. And you can have a birthday party here. There are lots of rooms set aside for groups to gather for parties.

Here is the small cafe.

Ninja Kidz is located in The District area of South Jordan, so a little bit out west of Salt Lake. The address is 11617 S Parkway Plaza Dr, South Jordan, UT. You are required to wear special grip socks, which can be purchased at Ninja KIdz Salt Lake, or you can bring your own.

You will need to sign a waiver before participating. I like to do this before we go because my boys are so impatient to jump once we arrive on site. Here’s the link for the waiver. And here is the link for their website so you can see their pricing and hours.

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  1. Brooke

    Do you feel like the 90 minute time allotment was enough time to do everything?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Yes! We were pretty worn out after 90 minutes. I’m sure you could play longer, but it was just the right amount of time for our family.