Utah Valley Summer Bucket List

Utah Valley is hosting a super fun summer bucket list challenge. The challenge encourages you to visit lots of attractions and restaurants in Utah County to earn prizes. We loved exploring Utah County and finding new places that even we hadn’t visited! We are excited to share with you more about the Utah Valley Summer Bucket List.

Utah Valley has a lot of amazing places to explore. Sundance is one of those spots.

How it Works

Participating in the Utah Valley Summer Bucket List is easy. First you need to download the Eventzee App. It’s free! Once you download the app, enter the code UVSummer to join the challenge. Now you can look at all of the bucket list items that are part of this event.

The challenges are divided into themes: Utah Valley History, Thanksgiving Point, Sundance Mountain Resort, Celebrate the Arts, Explore the Outdoors, and more. Some examples of the bucket list items are visiting certain spots like the water tower at Thanksgiving Point, or stopping for ice cream at the BYU Creamery. Tap on each spot to see the specific instructions. Sometimes you need to check your location at that point, and other times you need to upload a photo, or type in the answer to a question.

This is what the screen looks like for each challenge.
Sometimes you need to upload a photo by a certain location like the butterfly mural outside of the Butterfly Biosphere.

Once you have entered the appropriate info, you have earned those points for that bucket list item. Most challenges are between 100 to 200 points. You are trying to earn as many points as you can because there are prizes at certain levels. The first 1000 points earns you a postcard. We planned our adventures to earn our last few points to 1000 to be at Thanksgiving Point, so we could pick the prize up while there. Here are the prizes, and the locations to pick them up. Any of the prizes can be picked up at any location:

We chose the Bridal Veil Falls postcard, but there was a huge variety of options.


  • 1000 points: postcard
  • 2500 points: magnet
  • 4000: vinyl sticker sheet
  • 7000: Taste Chocolate Bar
  • Grand Prize: Staycation package for player with the most points.

Pick up Locations

  • Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point
  • Eagle Mountain Library
  • Vineyard Library
  • Provo Rec Center
  • Springville Library
  • Payson Library
There are six locations where you can pick up prizes. Thanksgiving Point Information is one of them.

Bucket List Locations

We already had a really fun time checking items of the Utah Valley Summer Bucket List and it’s only the second week of June! We are excited to visit more locations throughout the summer. Many of our favorite Utah County locations are on this list such as Thanksgiving Point, BYU Museums, Springville Art Museum, Pioneer Village, Camp Floyd State Park, and lots more. They also included plenty of outdoor adventures like visiting a waterfall, fishing, picnics, and splash pads. Don’t forget to check out the fun restaurants on the challenge, too.

One of the challenges is to roll down the hill at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.

A Few Tips

One thing that is a little tricky on the app is that it took me a minute to find where I could see how many points I had earned. So I want to let you know how to easily find them. When you are in the Eventzee app, click on the three lines in the top left corner, and then select profile. This is where you can see your total points. It also shows you how many of the individual challenges you have completed.

This is what the screen looks like where you can check your points in your profile.

Our second tip is to plan your adventures in one area and try to hit as many as the spots as you can. We went to the BYU Creamery, BYU Museum of Peoples & Culture, and Provo Pioneer Village, earning us 650 points. Later, we realized that we should have stopped at one of the murals in Provo, too, for 100 more points! These are all in the Provo area, and we spent a morning hanging out here. There is a map on the app that groups the challenges by location. Tap places near the top of the app under the search bar to see the bucket list locations grouped by location.

Roots of Knowledge is on the bucket list, and it is one of our favorite places in Utah Valley.

Join the Bucket List

If you are adventuring in Utah County, then you definitely need to download the app and join the Utah Valley Summer Bucket List challenge. Fill your day with lots of exciting spots to visit, and earn free prizes while you are having fun. This online bucket list runs through August 18, so you plenty of time this summer to earn all those points. We are already working on our next 1000 points to earn our next badge and prize!

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