Heritage Park Splash Pad | South Jordan

South Jordan added a brand new splash pad to Heritage Park near the South Jordan Community Building. This splash pad is large and has a lot of fun ways to cool off during the summer. We spent a few hours this morning splashing and having fun at Heritage Park Splash Pad.

Heritage Park Splash Pad is amazing.

Heritage Park Splash Pad has a large water tower as its focal point. There are streams of water coming down and kids enjoy walking underneath. The water then flows down a large river to different areas of the splash pad. There are sprayers all along the river, too. The river isn’t very deep, so kids of any age can play and splash with ease.

There is a small area under a shade where toddlers seemed to hang out. The water isn’t very deep and there are just a few small sprayers. It is also out of the way of all of the bigger kids moving around. So this was a great spot for little ones.

The water tower really stands out at the splash pad.
There are sprayers all along the river.
This splash pad is HUGE! This is only half of the space.

The river at Heritage Park Splash Pad ends at some large sprayers. Our boys spent the most time at the river because they could get the most wet. There was one sprayer in the center that really soaked anyone standing in it, or near it!

These big sprayers were very popular with older kids.
You can get pretty wet in this spray!

Back at the top, behind the water tower, is another fun spot. There is a very small pool where the water gathers before separating into a bunch of little waterfalls. These waterfalls reminded us of the Sandy Amphitheater Splash Pad, except those waterfalls are tall and you can walk behind them. These little waterfalls are great for toddlers. At the top of the waterfalls is a small pool that many kids enjoyed sitting in, too.

These are the little waterfalls.
Toddlers were sitting in these fountains, standing by them, laying under them, anything to get wet.

There are a few other things that we really liked at the Heritage Park Splash Pad in South Jordan. First, there were a lot of benches, rocks, and tables to sit at. Parents can easily find a spot to sit and enjoy watching their kids play. And a lot of them (not all) have some shade. There are shady spots throughout the park. This splash pad also has restrooms available. We also like how big this splash pad is because there is something for everyone to enjoy, and plenty of space to enjoy it.

There are lots of tables and benches at Heritage Park Splash Pad.
Here are the bathrooms and there is a pavilion attached, too.
Heritage Park has two different memorials.

Heritage Park Splash Pad is located at 10800 S Redwood Rd, South Jordan. The Splash Pad runs from 11 am – 8 pm. East Riverfront Park is just a few minutes away, and we paired these two adventures together.

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