Heber Hatchets

We enjoyed a trip to Heber Hatchets latest venue recently to try our hand at axe throwing. This new store is located in downtown Provo, which makes it perfect for a date or a whole family event.

We took our whole family to Heber Hatchets. When we entered, we received a friendly greeting and then a thorough set of instructions on how to throw and be safe with the hatchets. Our youngest is eleven, and he had a great time throwing hatchets, and he was big enough to stick them in the targets. The minimum age allowed to throw hatchet is eleven.

Axe (hatchet) throwing is a fun family activity, especially for teens.

Instructions & Safety

We were really grateful for the instruction on how to throw the hatchets safely from our lumberjack. There were certain protocols that were implemented at Heber Hatchets to keep everyone safe. With instructions on how to throw successfully, and how to read and adjust our throws, we all did great! Every hatchet throwing session begins with instructions and protocols, and we were grateful for that.

Our lumberjack took good care of us and helped us learn all the rules.

Axe Throwing

After our safety lessons, we took turns throwing the hatchets. Everyone had to figure out where to stand and the best way for them to throw. With a little practice, our entire family was sticking their hatchet into the boards.

When we had our fill of hatchets, we decided to try a few other “throwables.” First, there were ninja stars. These were the easiest to stick, and we all voted them to be our favorites at the end of the day. They were fun because you could whip them underhand or throw two at a time. We also took a turn throwing the smaller, lighter hatchets with a blade on the back. these were fun, too.

It definitely takes some practice to get good at throwing.
Our favorite thing to throw was the ninja stars.
Even our youngest could do this activity.

Finally, we asked to learn a few trick shots. The manager was nice enough to come and show us how to throw a few safe, fun shots to see just how far our skill went. These included underhand, two hand, and multi axe throwing. Make sure to ask for help before attempting anything crazy, though!

If you have time, ask to learn some trick shots.


One of the things we enjoyed most at Heber Hatchets were the game ideas. Along the back wall of Heber Hatchets, and on a QR code, are a bunch of game ideas to play. We chose a game called The Gambler, which included throwing a hatchet, rolling a die, and adding the scores together. Of course, our youngest beat everyone with his high-roller skills! This really made our experience fun, since we were playing games instead of just throwing the hatchet over and over again.

Check out the games on the wall. We loved playing a few while we were at Heber Hatchets.
They have chalkboards to keep track of the score.
The games were a lot of fun for our family.


We really enjoyed Heber Hatchets in Provo. It was a fun, safe way to spend time as a family. Each lane where you throw has a little table and stools where you can set your personal items and also sit and watch others. Check out their website for current hours and pricing, as well as their other locations. When we finished throwing hatchets, we even headed upstairs to Back Door Burger for dinner! The burgers are huge and it is connected to Heber Hatchets, although they are separate companies. If you want some other fun date night ideas, check out our post on Date Night Ideas in Utah.

Heber Hatchets is located in downtown Provo.

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