Best Tips for Visiting Splash Summit Waterpark | Provo

Splash Summit is one of our favorite places to visit in the summer. We have been visiting since this place was Seven Peaks. Our boys love coming to Splash Summit Waterpark in Provo, and we love that there are fun things at this waterpark for all ages. If you want a fun place to spend a day cooling off and playing, then make sure you visit Splash Summit. And if you have the Get Out Pass, you get one free admission every year.

It isn’t as busy first thing in the morning!


Splash Summit has a unique way of running the tubes. We actually love it when people use it the correct way. If you purchase a tube pass, you are given a wrist band. There are a few places where you can pick up tubes. You show your wrist band, pick up a tube and use it for the slide, wave pool, or lazy river. When you are done, you return your tube to the pick up locations so others can use them.

Unfortunately, too many people want to hold on to a tube and set it next to a beach chair, which is very frustrating. This means lots of people are unable to use a tube. So make sure you understand how to use tubes at Splash Summit.

Wave Pool

This is the most popular spot in Splash Summit. The Wave Pool looks like a calm pool that gradually goes from a few inches of water to 6 feet deep, but once the horn sounds be ready for some waves. Our boys love to body surf on the waves. Many people love sitting in the tube and riding the waves. It is as close to an ocean beach as we get in Utah.

The wave pool is a lot of fun!
Our boys love to body surf.


There are a bunch of different slides at Splash Summit. Some of them allow tubes, but many do not. Our personal favorite is Avalanche because we can all race down together. There are eight lanes, and the line goes fast! Make sure to pick up a mat before heading up. Our older boys also love Free Fall, but this is a little insane to us! It is such a steep drop! Lots of the rides start on the same tower, so make sure to get in the correct line. Be sure to check the height requirements and maximum weight restrictions of the rides. You can check out the rules here.

This is our family’s favorite slide.
This is Free Fall! It’s such a big drop!!
This is the end of Free Fall.

Lazy River

We love using our tubes and floating around the lazy river. Sometimes our boys walk/swim through the lazy river, too. The river circles around a few slides. It has a waterfall, but mostly this area is pretty calm.

The lazy river has a jungle theme.
It is relaxing to float around the lazy river.

Young Kids Play Area

There is a special area at Splash Summit Waterpark for kids. There are some small slides, a sprayer, and shallow water. Our boys loved playing in this area when the big slides felt intimidating. The water is usually nice and warm, too.

The kids area is pretty big.
I love that there are small slides for the kids to use.
Our boys have all loved splashing in the kid area.

Toddler Area

Splash Summit also has a toddler area. This area is even shallower than the two feet in the kids area. One reason this area is really fun is that everything is a fun shape. There are bugs, sea monsters, and even a castle. And young kids can splash and play all day here!

This area is super shallow for the toddlers.

Climbing Area

There is an area where kids can swing on a rope and drop into a pool. This area also has an obstacle course across the water. If you get across, you can sit in some waterfalls. You can also access this area by walking, but it is more fun to earn your way!

Going across this challenge can be very slippery.
The swing is always very popular.


No outside food or drink is allowed into Splash Summit. You are allowed to bring in your own water bottles, which we definitely do. We have handled this policy in two different ways. Some times we pack a cooler with lunch and leave it in the car. Once lunch time hits, we head out to the car and enjoy a nice lunch before heading back into the park. Make sure to get a hand stamp, or whatever they are using for re-entry.

We have also eaten at Splash Summit. There are a lot of option so everyone finds something they like. They have a pizza stand, as well as a grill that serves burgers and chicken fingers and other things. You can also find a drink shop, and ice cream treats.

Other Tips

After visiting Splash Summit Waterpark in Provo many times, here are some tips we have learned over the years.

  1. Arrive before opening. This way you can grab a spot in the shade where you can hang out and meet up all day long. It is also less busy in the morning. There will be a line to get in.
  2. Don’t forget your sunscreen. This is a waterpark, so you will want to sunscreen up a few times during the day.
  3. There is a parking fee. There really is no way around it other than parking a long way away and walking over, which would be a pain hauling your towels and other things. Just plan on paying to park.
  4. You can bring your own life jackets and floaties. Here are the rules from Splash Summit website: You can bring a Coast Guard approved life jacket, baby floats with built in seats, and swimsuits with built in flotation.

Splash Summit Waterpark really is so fun! It makes for a great summer adventure, and is a good place to cool off on those hot Utah summer days. If you are a Splash Summit lover, make sure to follow them on Instagram because they offer deals all the time on there, especially for season passes.

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