Poppy Fields in Utah

Late Spring and Early summer mean that it’s time for the poppies to bloom in Utah. There are usually poppies along trails and in yards, but there are two poppy fields in Utah where you can get great pictures of these beautiful flowers.

Please be careful when visiting these poppy fields and tread lightly. Step carefully around flowers and do not pick poppies. Leave them so everyone can enjoy them! We want to have these poppy fields in Utah for a long time.

Alpine Poppy Field

The Alpine Poppies are done blooming for 2023. Wait for an update for next year.

The Alpine poppy field is located in Alpine, Utah and it is a mile roundtrip hike to find the poppies. The flowers are mixed among a small gathering of trees, and they are next to some ruins of a historic homestead. This can be a popular spot to visit, so we recommend early mornings to avoid crowds. Most people like to visit in the evening for pictures.

In 2023, Alpine City reopened the poppy fields with new signs and new trails. The pathways are easier to follow so that the poppies do not get trampled. And the signs remind everyone to tread lightly and not to pick the poppies. We loved the improvements.

The poppies are gorgeous.
These are the ruins by the Alpine poppy field.
The mountains provided a great backdrop for the poppies.
Make sure to stay on the paths between the flowers so you don’t step on them.
There are lots of bees, but they are busy with the flowers, so they won’t bother you.
We loved all the benches along the pathways, too.

To find the Alpine poppy field, take Alpine Main street north through the round about to 100 S. Turn right onto 100 S and follow it to a stop sign. Turn left onto Alpine Blvd. Follow this road for a few miles until you get to a church at 1125 N Alpine Blvd. Turn right in front of the church onto Country Manor Blvd. Then take a left onto a dirt road right after the church parking lot. Follow the dirt road for just a minute up to a parking lot next to the Lambert Park bathroom. Do not drive beyond this point as you may be fined. If you feel more comfortable, you can park in the church parking lot and walk up.

From the bathroom, we used Google Maps to help us find the trail. On the app, Google “Alpine poppy field” and it will bring up the field and the trail to follow. There are a few different ways to walk, but here is the way that we went.

After walking through the fence from the parking lots, we headed left on the wide trail. We followed this trail for about 1/4 mile until we came to a small side trail in the trees. There is a sign, but no name. Just a trail marker, so check out the picture below. We followed this path uphill and it walked right into the poppy field. The walk was 1/2 mile to the poppy field, and 1/2 mile back.

Park your car by the Lambert Park bathroom.
Turn left on the wide path that bends west.
Look for this little trail that heads up the mountain.
The trail is rocky.
There are new signs and fences to help everyone remember the poppy fields in Utah rules!!

Mantua Poppy Field

The Manatua poppies are in bloom (updated June 19, 2023). Please don’t trample the poppies.

The Mantua Poppy Field is located in the small town in Sardine Canyon called Mantua. The poppies are found right in the Box Elder Campground. And in fact, we stopped on the side of the road before we even made it to the campground because the field was gorgeous and it was right next to the road.

We stopped on the side of the road to see the Mantua poppies.
There were so many flowers. It was beautiful!
You can walk right among the flowers.
Such a great spot for photos.

To get to the Mantua poppies, take exit 89 from Highway 89 shortly after leaving Brigham City.  There are signs for the Box Elder Campground which is where you’re headed. Soon lots of poppies will appear on the side of the road. We actually stopped here and took photos, but there is another larger field further on. Continue to drive until to reach the first stop sign – then take a left. Proceed until you see a fork in the road. Turn right at the fork and drive until you see the poppies.

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  1. Jen

    When do the Alpine Poppies usually start blooming?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Usually the first week of June

  2. Jenalyn Mills

    Are the Mantua poppies in bloom right now as well?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      The Mantua poppies usually bloom closer to the second week of June. I just saw on a post that they are in bloom, so go soon!