Pumpkin Train Heber Valley Railroad


We rode on the Heber Valley Railroad, formerly known as the Heber Creeper early this summer. This time we set out to try one of their seasonal events called The Pumpkin Train.

The ride was very similar to our last ride, lasting forty minutes and heading down the track toward Deer Creek Reservoir. After 20 minutes, the train reverses direction and heads back to the station. The main difference is the Halloween theme this time.

On our last trip there was a fiddler, jokes, and karaoke. The Pumpkin Train featured magic tricks, dancing zombies, and “scary” music (like the Monster Mash and One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater). All of this was very kid-friendly, and even our smallest wasn’t scared. You are also served a pumpkin cookie on the train.

The witch performed magic tricks, and if you said a magic word you earned a treat!
Everyone with a ticket receives a “poisoned” pumpkin cookie! Eat if you dare!
We had fun dancing with the zombies, even though our boys were a little embarrassed!
The area is beautiful for a train ride!

There was also a spooky car at the train station. Our boys went through this simple spooky alley, which ended with a few games like toss-the-ring-on-the-witches-hat and shoot-the-goblin-with-a-Nerf-gun. The best part, though, was the pumpkin. Everyone who pays admission to the Pumpkin Train gets to take a pumpkin home. We each chose one, which we carved the next day! Our boys loved this adventure!

The Haunted Car is very family friendly.
There are fog machines and red lights.
There are a few different fun activities along the way like a witch’s hat ring toss, skeleton puzzle, and shoot the spider with a Nerf gun.
Watch out for spiders and witches! After you make it through the train car, you earn a sticker.

Your Pumpkin Train ticket allows you a ride on the train, a pumpkin cookie, a pumpkin, and a sticker for going through the Haunted Car.  We had a fun time and next time we would wear our costumes to bring a little more festivity to the adventure.

We think ridding the Pumpkin Train (or any train, really) is a lot of fun!

It would be a great idea to pair the Pumpkin Train with Dairy Keen, a train-themed restaurant in Heber. For more info on tickets for the Pumpkin Train, visit Heber Valley Railroad’s site. 

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