Deuel Cabin

Deuel Cabin

The Deuel Cabin located in the plaza between the Church History Museum and the Family History Library and sits directly west of the Tabernacle on Temple Square. The cabin itself doesn’t really merit a trip downtown, but it is not very well known, and many visitors to Temple Square have never really noticed it. This post is to let you know that the Deuel Cabin is there and it is worth a stop if you are in the area.


The Deuel Cabin is the best preserved example of Pioneer cabins from early Utah. It was built in 1847 and almost all of the cabin is original material. Only the doorframes, window frames, and shelving are reconstructed. The roof, walls, and posts are all original material that is over 165 years old.

Deuel Cabin
This sign gives a great background on the cabin.

The door is usually open all year, but definitely in the warmer weather months, so that you can have a peek inside at what the pioneer home might have looked like. There is glass to keep visitors from touching items, and also to help preserve them.

The cabin is set up to look like a normal pioneer cabin–one room for a million kids! How did they survive?

If you head to Temple Square, take a quick peek at the Deuel Cabin and appreciate some pioneer history.

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