Hogle Zoo

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2014)
In front of the Zoo last summer

This is definitely one of our favorite adventures to do year round in Utah.  Hogle Zoo is located in Salt Lake, so it is a little bit of a drive, but it is affordable and rewarding every time.

We purchased a yearly pass last summer for $80. It costs us $25 each trip to the zoo–next year will be more since we will start paying for our youngest in May—so the pass is definitely worth it.  We have gone a lot more since we have the pass, too.  You still have to buy train ride tickets ($1) and carousel tickets($1.50), but those are two of the best parts of the zoo, at least for our kids.

We enjoy going in the fall and winter now, on those warmer days.  The animals are definitely more active while the people are not.  Sometimes there are just a handful of people around and that is really nice for viewing the animals.

Some people would complain that Hogle Zoo is too small, but I think it is perfect.  We can get to the zoo when it opens at 9 AM and walk the whole thing before lunch time.  We always see all the animals, ride the carousel and train, and have a fun time.  We usually skip the playground which would add more time to the trip.

If you like going to the zoo, I would consider the family yearly pass–it has been well worth our money.  You can find more information about the zoo at Hogle Zoo‘s website.

See the animals, dad?

We cannot go to the zoo without riding the carousel.

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