Spooky Nature Spots in Utah

We thought it would be fun to gather all of the places in Utah that have spooky names. These places aren’t necessarily spooky, but feel like great spots to visit in October for a little adventure. Our boys always think it is super adventurous to go explore something that has a fun spooky name. We know your family will enjoy visiting these Spooky Nature Spots in Utah.

Goblin Valley (Green River)

One of our favorite places in Utah is Goblin Valley. The rock formations are amazing, and it is a spot where kids can run wild! With a name that has Goblins in it, it definitely feels a little spooky. There are some great hikes near this state park, so you can easily make a full day or weekend visiting this area.

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Goblin Valley

Peek A Boo and Spooky (Escalante)

Peek A Boo and Spooky Slot Canyon is a pretty famous hike in Utah. Spooky slot canyon is very narrow, so it can feel a little scary as you squeeze through. This trail is a little challenging to get to because the close parking area requires 4 wheel drive. The other parking area adds another mile to the already 3.5 mile trail. We felt it was worth it and it is a trail that our kids still talk about 10 years later.

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Peek a Boo and Spooky Slot Canyon

Ghost Falls (Draper)

This waterfall has such a spooky name, but it gets its name because it disappears later on in the year. Depending on the year, Ghost Falls can have a little trickle by October, and other years it has disappeared by July. We love this trail even without the waterfall because it has some fun bridges, and the colors are lovely in the fall.

All the details about Ghost Falls
Ghost Falls

Belly of the Dragon (Kanab)

This is a super fun, spooky spot for families. The Belly of the Dragon is a tunnel underneath the main road heading to Kanab, and the opening looks like you are walking into a great beast’s insides. You will probably want a flashlight to help with your footing as you walk through to the other side.

Directions to Belly of the Dragon
Belly of the Dragon

Devil’s Kitchen (Payson)

The Devil’s Kitchen earned its name because it is a patch of bright red rocks similar to southern Utah, but it is at the top of the Nebo Loop in Payson in the middle of the mountains. This walk definitely feels out of place, but it is a quick walk over to look at the unique rock formations. And this walk is wheel friendly!

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Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Slide (Morgan)

The Devil’s Slide is a roadside stop near Morgan, Utah. The rocks look just like the devil formed a slide down the mountainside. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth pulling over to view.

Where to find the Devil’s Slide
Devil’s Slide

Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns definitely sound like a spooky spot to visit, although most of these places are not spooky. Utah has some nice ghost towns where you can walk through old abandoned buildings. Here are some of our favorites. We listed a nearby town to help you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is in that location. Click on each link for more details.

Grafton Ghost Town


Caves generally have a spooky aura about them. They are dark, sometimes there are bats, and so they make a great spooky nature spot to explore in Utah. We have visited lots of different caves all throughout Utah, and we love exploring these neat formations. We definitely recommend the following things:

  • hat to protect head from bumps
  • light to see where you are going
  • long pants to prevent cuts from rocks
  • good sturdy shoes to walk through mud or water in cave
Use this list of Caves in Utah to find a cave to explore near you.

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  1. Jonathan N

    Really cool. I’d also add a rock formation called The Witches that’s near the little towns of Echo and Henefer off I-84, and not too far east from Devil’s Slide. I visited these things with my kids a couple of Haloweens ago.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for the info! We will have to check it out.