Gardner Village Witches

Every Fall, the Gardner Village Witches return to Gardner Village. The witches are fun to find throughout the historic village. We love visiting to see what the witches are up to every year.

Even the water tower gets into the WitchFest at Gardner Village.
The boys were a little hesitant about sitting so close to a witch.
The boys were a little hesitant about sitting so close to a witch.

This activity is FREE, and you can complete your quest in about an hour. Our boys were slightly scared of the witches when they were young, but we loved all the fun activities you would find them doing. If you have some extra time, you can wander through the different shops.  Gardner Village boasts many stores with homespun stuff, including bakeries, boutiques, and breweries (kid friendly brews). We like to stop in the Chocolate Covered Wagon for a free sample, and wander through Storybook Nook.

The witches are doing all sorts of different things.
Gardner Village witches
Even our older kids loved seeing what the witches were up to at Gardner Village.

The property is beautiful, too. There is a little river that flows under a few bridges. We saw the geese fly over twice and land nearby. There are always a few tame ducks hanging around. Make sure to bring a few quarters to buy duck food and feed the ducks. We love spending time enjoying the beautiful grounds and crossing the bridges. The decorations are wonderful at Halloween time, too.

Gardner Village is a quaint little place to spend the day.
The Fall decorations are so fun!

We like the Gardner Village Witches activity, and we know your little ones will enjoy it! Make sure to print your scavenger hunt ahead of time because they do not have paper copies on site anymore. We recommend taking clipboards and pencils so that it is easy to write on your scavenger hunt. If it is cool outside, you can also take some knit gloves (we definitely do that for the Gardner Village Elf Hunt in December). They have updated the scavenger hunt to be digital, too. Bring a phone that can scan a QR code and you will download the scavenger hunt on your phone. There are also lots of other events happening at Gardner Village through the Halloween season, so check out all of the WitchFest festivities on the Gardner Village site. Many of the events require tickets, so plan ahead.

It was chilly the day that we went, so we have hats and gloves on. The clipboards are really helpful!
We stumbled across this witch in the outhouse!

The Gardner Village Witches is a perfect free, fall, family adventure. We look forward to it every year. You can also walk over and visit the little farm at Gardner Village. They offer pony rides and they have lots of animals to see, too. It only costs a few dollars to visit. For more info, check out our post about the Gardner Village Farm.




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