Peek A Boo Slot Canyon

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We’ve written about Peek-A-Boo and Spooky slot canyons on Hole-in-the-Rock Road, but this isn’t them. This Peek a Boo Slot Canyon is located near Kanab, and it is very difficult to access because of the deep sand along the road. Because we were unable to drive to the trailhead ourselves, we used Dreamland Safari Tours to get us safely there. The slot canyon is narrow and beautiful and worth the effort of going, whether you drive or ride with a tour guide.

Peek a Boo Slot Canyon is gorgeous.

The Drive

After making the trip as a passenger, we would strongly discourage you from trying it in anything less than a 4-wheel drive, and only if you have some expertise driving in the sand. Our driver lowered the tire pressure and knew the exact route to take the powerful vehicle. So, we wouldn’t even try this in a Subaru, or bigger 4-wheel drive. Be careful if you decide to drive.

It doesn’t look bad here, but the road is covered in very deep sand.
The trail starts where the wash ends.

Peek a Boo Slot Canyon

Peek A Boo slot canyon is really narrow and beautiful. The walls stand over 50 feet, and there are sections narrow enough that you can place your feet on the walls and shimmy up. Best of all, the twists and turns of the canyon make for some really amazing pictures. Of course, the hike has full shade from those towering walls.

Along the way, make sure to watch for some Moqui steps. We loved looking at all of the layers of rocks and the unique formations throughout the canyon. The hike is flat and easy, and accessible for able hikers.

We love hiking in slot canyons.
Peek a Boo is narrow enough to touch both sides when you are hiking.
Make sure to look up sometimes.
The moqui steps are up above your head, so keep an eye out for them.
The rock formations are so interesting.

At the end of the slot canyon, you’ll find a dark space under a large overhanging rock. Though it might be possible for a mountaineer to shimmy up 15-20 feet and continue up, we wouldn’t recommend it, and there are no ropes to help you. Our experience in slot canyons is that they get less exciting at the top as the walls get small, and you eventually crest out anyway. The best idea is to take a few photos and turn around.

We loved the Peek a Boo Slot Canyon.
This is the end of the canyon.


There is one more thing to see at this trailhead. It is a large hoodoo that is just a few meters from the parking area. As you face the entrance to the slot canyon, you’ll notice a small trail heading off to the right. Walk a very short way along that trail, and you’ll run into a spectacular rock formation. Take a few photos, but as always, leave nature just as you found it. Never etch or scratch our pristine sandstone. And good luck driving uphill through that sand on the way out!

This hoodoo is just around the corner from the start of the trail.


Peek a Boo Slot canyon is located near Kanab. The route that we took was from Angel Canyon Road. Turn onto Angel Canyon Road and the first road on the left is the road to Peek A Boo Slot Canyon. Once we turned left onto the sandy road there were lots of twists and turns as you head down the sand to the wash. Luckily Dreamland Safari knew the way. This trailhead comes up on Google Maps, so it can direct you if you are driving on your own. For other ideas of things to do in Kanab, use our Family-Friendly Things to do in Kanab list.

There are some fun places to explore near the slot canyon, too.

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