Osiris Ghost Town

Osiris Ghost Town 1

Our boys have loved visiting ghost towns like Sego Canyon, Thistle, and Grafton. So when we planned a trip to Bryce Canyon, we decided to go through a tiny ghost town called Osiris.

Osiris Ghost Town is well off the beaten path, and you shouldn’t make a special trip for it, but our boys declared it one of their favorites. To find Osiris, you have to go about 10 miles south of Antimony, Utah. Antimony is in Garfield County just south of Otter Creek State Park. Perhaps the best thing about visiting Osiris is the beautiful drive. We started at the I-70 in Salina and drove south all the way to Bryce City and it is truly spectacular. We even saw a coyote dash across the road and head off into the hills.

The ghost town has only three surviving buildings, but one of them is an old mill that stands high above the slender road. You can’t go inside the mill and the other building as they are fenced off. There is a narrow trail that leads all the way around so you can at least see it from every side. We spent a full half hour exploring this area.

Osiris Ghost Town 12
Just below the building, there is the small dirt road that will lead you down to the river and around the back of Osiris.
Osiris Ghost Town 3
There are some small buildings down here, too.
Osiris Ghost Town 4
Everything is fenced in, so remember No Trespassing.
Osiris Ghost Town 6
The river runs right behind the huge buildings.
Osiris Ghost Town 5
There is a small trail to the back of Osiris Ghost Town, but it is definitely in the bushes.
Osiris Ghost Town 9
You can get up close and see how massive this mill was.
Osiris Ghost Town 8
This is where we turned around. You can walk over the boards, but then you run into a fence, so it’s best to head back the way you came.

Across the street is a small barn that is very old. You won’t really want to venture inside as it looks likes it would crumble upon you if you bumped it, but it is pretty cool to take a picture in front of it.

This old building is across the street from the large mill right by the road.
This old building is across the street from the large mill right by the road.

If you find the desire to visit Osiris, a small cemetery exists further south called Widstoe Cemetery. The cemetery is modernized with new headstones, but there are plenty of old stones, too. The cemetery lies about 15 miles south of Osiris and is clearly marked with a sign. It sits back a few hundred yards from the road.

We stopped at Osiris on our way to Bryce Canyon from Utah County. This route takes only a few minutes longer, and only added about 20 minutes to our drive. It was definitely a more beautiful drive than the I-15!

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