Spooky Light Show

Our favorite Christmas light show, Christmas in Color, has created a Halloween Spooky Light Show drive thru show. We were so excited to check out the new show, and it was definitely a winner! Add Spooky Light Show to your Halloween list.

Just like Christmas in Color, this Halloween drive thru light show is full of lights. There are Halloween shapes set up on both sides of the car. You will also see big screens that show different shapes and patterns. Everything is lit up, so the show is very bright, and you get to drive right through all of the lights!That is why we enjoy these shows. Instead of driving by, you drive through!

We enjoyed the different Halloween shaped lights.
There are lights everywhere and you get to drive right through them.
There were also a few huge blow up items!
The screens and tunnels are super fun!

The highlight of Spooky Light Show is still the tunnels. There are lots of tunnels. Some tunnels are just lots of lights that we see at Christmas time, but with Halloween colors. Other tunnels are covered in different shapes such as ghosts or pumpkins that light up. We took our time through the tunnels so we could enjoy being right in the middle of the lights.

We love the large tunnels in the Spooky Light Show.
The Halloween shaped tunnels are extra fun.

Tune your radio to their radio station because not only is the music fun, but the lights are timed to dance to the music. There are quite a few different Halloween and spooky songs.

The drive takes about 20-30 minutes depending on your speed because there is a full mile of lights wrapped into the Spooky Light Show. There are millions of lights used to create this amazing display. You can also purchase a party pack that includes a ton of glow stuff: glow sticks, glow headbands, wands, and more. Our kids actually love the party pack and it makes the drive extra special.

If you want to splurge, pick up a party pack when you purchase tickets!

For more information on hours, tickets and pricing, visit their website: Spooky Light Show. This show is located at the Utah State University Bastian Center, formerly called the South Jordan Equestrian Park. It will run from October 11 to October 30, 2023. Make sure to use our code “UTADVENTURE15” to save 15% off tickets.

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