Shoop Christmas Lights in Sandy

We cannot believe all the families who put up great light shows. We have a huge list of Christmas lights on our blog. You can find them here. This past week we discovered a few new houses, and the Shoop Christmas Lights was one of those homes.

The Shoop lights is a timed light show, so make sure to turn your radio to 99.9 FM to hear the music. The most impressive part of this display is the large trees. There are 5 large trees with lights draped on them, and when they light up it is a great sight.

There are also some fun decorations in front of the house like snowmen and Santa. We also liked the arches across the rooftop. This light show is a little smaller than some of the other houses we visit, but if you are visiting the Highland Club Drive lights the Shoop House is only 10 minutes away.

These lights are in a cul-de-sac, so many cars were parked across from the lights in the middle of the circle. This way you can watch the lights, but other cars can still drive around, and no one’s view is obstructed.

For more Christmas lights, check out our huge list of Christmas Activities. Lights are grouped by county in Utah.


The Shoop Christmas Lights are located at 9179 Granville Circle in Sandy.

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