Bible Street | Sugarhouse

If you are dropping by Christmas Street in Sugarhouse make sure to visit Bible Street. This street doesn’t have fantastic lights, although most of the houses have lights on, but it does tell the Christmas story through Bible quotes.

This sign lets you know you are at the beginning of Bible Street.
This sign lets you know you are at the beginning of the drive.

Each house on the street has a large sign that is lit up and has a scripture on it. There are quite a few houses on the u-shaped street. The pictures are numbered so you know which sign to read first, and there are signs on both sides of the street. You read through the nativity scene and end with the Sermon on the Mount.

We always go slow and read each sign and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s perfectly paired with Christmas Street, so it makes for a fun evening.

This house had a lighted angel to match their sign.
There are signs like these on both sides of the street.
The signs begin with the nativity and end with the Sermon on the Mount.


When you finish Christmas Street in Sugarhouse continue driving west on Blaine Avenue (it is directly west of Christmas Street) for about 2 blocks. That’s it. You’ll enter Bible Street headed west and turn to the left back to the east. Bible Street starts on the corner of Blaine Avenue and 1400 East.  As the street heads back east it becomes Wilson.

If you live in Utah county, a new Bible Street has opened up in the small town of Salem. Check out our review of Christmas Story Murals.

The last few bible verses come from other sections of the Bible than the nativity verses.

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  1. Shannon

    do you by chance have photos of all the signs? I’d like to create something similar up here in Washington State and would be interested in seeing what they have done.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      I don’t have pictures of every single sign. I’m so sorry. If we head up there this year, I will take pictures so I can send them to you.

  2. Mckenzi Garlitz

    We just drove past it so it us up this year!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thank you so much for the update!