Utah Holiday Gift Guide for Adventure Families

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It’s the holiday season, which means time to do some serious shopping. But what to buy everyone? I get so many gifts that end up in the back of the closet, and I don’t want to do that to the ones I love. That’s why we like to give the gift of adventure! So we put together an adventure holiday gift guide for Utah.

One of the best gifts you can give is the opportunity to get out of the house. Everyone wants to go out and have fun, but they don’t always make the splurge and purchase an outing for themselves. We like to splurge for them, and these gifts are always really popular. Today we are sharing our favorite family adventure gift ideas, as well as the best deals for adventures in Utah. Here are a few that we have found that all Adventure Families in Utah will love.

Black Friday Deals

Here are a few great Black Friday Deals. We have also included some of the deals for our favorite adventure gifts in the sections below, so watch for the words Black Friday Deal in bold throughout this post!


Get Out Pass

The Get Out Pass is an awesome Pass that in Utah. It is so easy to use and has venues all over the state. Lagoon is the huge highlight on this pass, and with the increase in prices for Lagoon, the Get Out Pass is just a few dollars more than a day pass to Lagoon. Plus you get all of the other venues. Totally worth it in our opinions, and we have had this pass for many years. You can read all about the specifics on our post about the Get Out Pass. Best of all is the amazing Black Friday deal they are having. Check their website and use our code ADVENTURE for $65 off through Black Friday.

Your kids will be thrilled with a pass for Lagoon, Splash Summit, Kangaroo Zoo, Fat Cats, and much more. They have added a gift voucher option on their website too, so it is really simple to give the pass as a gift. When you purchase the pass as a gift, it sends a code for the person to redeem. The pass then lasts for one year after they activate the code.

TIP! If you have a Get Out Pass, you can purchase a gift for yourself at this amazing discount. Just choose the gift option, purchase for yourself, and then when your Get Out Pass is about to expire, use the code to renew!!


Lagoon always offers a Black Friday deal on their season passes. If you want to be able to go to Lagoon as often as you’d like, use this deal. Black Friday Deal: Passes are $160.95 from Nov. 17-30, 2023, which is an awesome deal since a day pass cost is $98/day. Visit Lagoon.com to purchase.

Some of our favorite places offer passes. We don’t have many special deals for these passes, but we still think they make great gifts because you can use the pass all year round. The pass saves you money as long as you plan to visit enough times to cover the cost. Some of the best places to visit over and over again as a family are listed below. For more detailed info about locations, click on the links to read our posts.

Splash Summit

This is a fun pass for the summer. Splash Summit was once Seven Peaks, but it has lots of fun slide, as well as other water splash areas for all ages. Our boys love it. Black Friday Sale: Season Passes for $40. Offer good through November 30, 2023. There are also other deals on parking passes, tube passes, single-day passes, and more. More details here.

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi

  • $329 family pass.
  • Black Friday Sale: $265 for family pass. Other passes are also on sale. See discounts here.
  • There are 5 great venues at Thanksgiving Point, so this pass is definitely worth the value (Dinosaur Museum, Museum of Natural Curiosity, Ashton Gardens, Farm Country, and Butterfly Biosphere). They also offer discounts on food, souvenirs, and special tickets with the membership pass.

Hogle Zoo in SLC

  • Family Pass $219
  • The zoo has added many new exhibits, lots of fun animal shows, and a great playground and splash pad. It’s such a fun place to visit as a family.
  • If you don’t want to buy a pass to Hogle Zoo, please take advantage of the $5 weekday tickets (Monday-Friday) during November and December. More info here.
  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE–15% off memberships from November 21-28 + 2 Free Zoolight tickets.
We love the lions at Hogle Zoo.

Tracy Aviary in SLC

  • A family pass for up to 4 people is only $110. For up to 8 people is $180.
  • We love visiting the aviary. The bird show is so fun, there are lots of hands-on experiences, and it is never very busy. You can visit the aviary year round, too!
  • They also partner with lots of places to offer discounts if you purchase their membership like Hogle Zoo, Booth, Discovery Gateway, and more. Makes the pass really valuable. Info here.

This is the Place Heritage Park in SLC

  • $120 annual pass.
  • This is the Place helps bring history alive. We love visiting the farm, riding the wagons and trains, and interacting with those portraying pioneers. For only $120, the entire family is admitted, and it also includes all the special events except Candlelight Christmas. Details on their memberships here.
Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum in SLC

  • $175 for annual pass for adult +2 guests, or $250 for adults +4 guests
  • This museum is one of the best in Utah. It has fun for all ages, but we especially love this for kids ages 10 and under. They are always adding and updating the fun play areas. The membership pass also includes 2 hours of free parking!
  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Use code FRIDAY23 between Nov. 24-Nov.28 to save $10% off any membership. More details here.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper

  • $274.95 annual pass for 6 member family, $224.95 for 4 member family
  • The aquarium has a lot to see and do, and it is indoors unlike the zoo and the aviary. Our boys love seeing the animals and visiting the touch pools. The membership includes the play area, which our boys love.
  • BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Buy or renew a membership on November 24, 2023, and get a month-long membership for a friend FREE!* Family Memberships will get ONE free month-long membership for every named member on their pass. That means a Quad Family Membership would get FOUR free month-long memberships, and a Grandparent Plus Membership would get TEN free month-long memberships for friends. More details here.

Treehouse Museum in Ogden

  • $110 for 4 adults/youth and 2 children (price depends on number of children)
  • We were surprised at how much fun this little museum is. Every exhibit is hands-on and built with kids in mind. My kids love visiting.
  • HOLIDAY SALE: Purchase any membership between now and December 24, 20223, and receive 8 free one time admission passes to bring guests or gift to someone. All the info here.

Ogden Dinosaur Park in Ogden

  • Black Friday Deal: Waiting for 2023 info. Family passes are regularly $75 for a standard pass which is free admission all year long for 2 adults and their named children.
  • Perfect for dinosaur lovers. There is a museum, a playground area, and lots of outdoor dinosaur statues to enjoy.
We have been visiting Ogden Dinosaur Park since our oldest was little!

Adventure Gifts

We love giving experience gifts. A great gift to give is a spot where they can experience something new or return to a favorite place. Here are a few gift ideas who are having Black Friday Sales that would be fun for your kids and teens.

Airborne (Lindon or Draper)

Airborne is new to Utah and they have two locations in Draper and Lindon. We were impressed with how many trampolines were inside, as well as all of the extra things to try, such as obstacle courses and olympic trampolines. They just added a brand new play area for kids 10 and under and it is amazing.

Black Friday Deal 2023: Memberships are sale for $149 (this is for an individual). Family memberships are on sale for $499 (this is for four kids plus one adult). And gift card sales. $100 gift card includes two 1.5 hour passes, and so one. All the details on this post. Sale began Nov. 21 and runs through Black Friday. This deal is for both Airborne Draper and Airborne Lindon.

Fly High Adventure Park

This location has Adventure right in its name. We had such a fun time jumping and climbing at Fly High. They have a huge dodge ball area, as well as places to do tricks, and even an obstacle course above the lower level. This is a great spot for all ages. We will keep our eyes out for their Black Friday deal.

Zipline Utah

We visited Zipline Utah for the first time this year and it was amazing. There is a huge zipline that goes across a section of Deer Creek Reservoir. They also have shorter zip tours and an adventure course. This would be a great gift for anyone who loves serious adventure. They are also connect to Rainbow Bay Aqua Park, which is such a fun way to play in the summer.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off Zipline Utah, Rainbow bay Aqua Park, and Utah Adventure Park tickets from now through the end of December 2024. We recommend doing either the gift card option or the “buy now, use later” option. Use code Cyber50 through November 27, 2023 for this deal. Click here: Zipline deals and here for: Rainbow Bay deals.

Family Games

One of our favorite things to do as a family at home or when we are out traveling is to play games. We have found some amazing family-friendly games over the years. Check out our post for the full list. Here are two local companies that have Black Friday deals going on.

Grandpa Becks Games

We have every single one of the Grandpa Becks Games, and we love all of them. They are having a Black Friday sale: Use our code “adventure” on the Grandpa Becks Games Website and save 20% off your entire order from November 20-27, 2023.

The games will also be on sale on Amazon if you prefer to do your shopping there. Every single game is great, but our favorites are Skull King, Bears and the Bees, Reign of Dragons, and their brand new game, Toil & Troublez.

Gatwick Games

Another local Utah company makes a bunch of fun games. We love It’s in the Bag, Knock out Punch, and Doodle Face. They keep adding new games all the time, too.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 57% off games on Black Friday only. Check out their games here.

Lovemore Games

This is a brand new Utah company out of Spanish Fork. They created a super fun game that we got to test out called Top Waffle. You try to create the most (and best) waffle orders to earn the most money. If you grab this game on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can get it for $14.99. Here’s the link to buy on Amazon.

Products We Love

We try to keep our lives very simple, so we don’t purchase lots of extra items to take on hikes or trips. We don’t buy hiking boots, or fancy car games, so the items we are sharing our real favorites. They are products that we have tried, tested, and found to be worth the money! So here are a few recommendations (and most of these we have given as gifts to our kids before). Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon for more details.

Camelbak Mini Mule

This is the greatest item we ever purchased. Our boys love them and it keeps them happy on hikes. They have a small pocket where I can put a snack, and it makes my backpack so much lighter because they are carrying their own water. Camelbak Mini Mule are currently switching to some new styles, so most of the old styles are a little less than $30 on Amazon. That’s less than I paid for ours, but we bought them 7 years ago and they are still going strong. But the new styles have some great designs. They are $45 for Black Friday. Honestly, the best thing we ever bought. I need to upgrade my younger kids to the bigger sizes. They are also on sale for Black Friday. This is the one my 17 year old uses: Camelback Rogue.

Mini Mule sold on Amazon
Bought this for him when he was 2. Now he is almost 12. Still going strong!

Melisa & Doug License Plate

Another of our favorite gifts we have were ever given is this license plate flip board. We take it on every single road trip, and we have now purchased two more so that everyone has one. We all enjoy watching for different license plates, and this is such an easy way to keep track of them. It also serves as helping kids learn where all the states are, and we sometimes quiz our older kids on capitals, too. Check Amazon for their current price. 


We use binoculars on all our National Park trips, as well as any birding adventures we go on. Binoculars are fun because kids can easily learn to use them, and they feel very important with their own set of binoculars. We have bought plenty of cheap pairs of binoculars and they have all been broken by our children.

Best binoculars

We finally purchased a pair of these nicer binoculars when we used them at a bird refuge in Hawaii. Everyone said they liked how easy they were to use and how clear they were. So then we bought one more pair to share. They are definitely pricier than the cheap ones we bought, but they are doing well after one year, and everyone wants to use them instead of the old cheap ones. them use our nicer set, and things went a lot better. Everyone could see, and nothing was broken.

If you do just want a more affordable set, we have 3 pairs of these because they have been the most solid pair of binoculars for our kids

We hope that this Utah holiday gift guide had given you some different ideas. We are always looking for ideas to add. What types of adventure gifts do you give to your families? We would love to hear, so we can add to our Utah Adventure Family Holiday Gift Guide

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