Big Bear Park | Sandy

We were excited to give Big Bear Park a try after hearing about the new playground equipment. This park is located in Sandy and is in a hidden neighborhood, so we found it to be nice and peaceful. We even added it to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County list.

Big Bear Park lives up to its name. There is a huge bear at the entrance to the park. They have also added some bear playground equipment at the toddler playground. Our boys thought the bear theme was a lot of fun.

Look for the large bear at the opening to the park.
There are some fun bears at the toddler playground, too.

This park has lots of climbing equipment. Our older boys enjoyed climbing and trying to go from one side to the other without touching the ground. We like parks that have things that entertain the older kids.

There were many different things to climb on.
There’s a lot of climbing for the big kids.

There are also some spinning toys, swings, and a zipline. The zipline was broken when we went to visit, but we hope it is fixed up for our next visit. We also loved the turf that was underneath all of the play equipment. No bark filled shoes at Big Bear Park.

This large slide was a hit!
This is the zipline.

We especially enjoyed the shade trees. There are benches all around the playground, which are perfect for parents watching their kids. But the benches are under shady trees, which I really appreciated. There are also two baseball fields, a large pavilion, and several big grassy areas. This park would be a fun place to have a picnic and play some lawn games.

There are lots of great shady trees around the playground.
Our boys definitely enjoyed playing at Big Bear Park.

If you are looking for a park with smaller crowds but with a fun playground, check out Big Bear Park in Sandy. This park is a little smaller than some, but there is still plenty to entertain kids for morning or afternoon. It is located at 930 Onyx Lake in Sandy.

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